Thursday, October 18, 2018

Quick check in!

We met with Sam's specialist last week.  After reviewing X-rays we are considering surgery just for his adenoids.   We have another sleep study scheduled for November 1 to see if the Cpap machine will even work for Sam.   Of course there is the issue with Sam's eye.  We have to worry about the mask pushing air into his eye implant and drying out his eye.  We've been working with Sam with just a nose mask.  He's been good about it but it's worrisome to think of him taking it out of his nose at night while we are asleep.  He brings everything up to his eyes.  So we are in a waiting mode right now looking at options.  Of course i hate the idea of an operation given Sam's ability to turn things into a crisis!   But maybe if he has it there's a small chance we won't have to deal with a machine.  Please pray that we make the right decisions for him.  

Selah is in the process of getting a new nurse or two.  We have a base of three nurses who are very loyal and faithful.  They've been with us for years.  They have carried the case between them for years too but we've always tried to find a 4th nurse that fits in.  It just hasn't happened yet.  So we have things up in the air with interviewing and training people.

Our oldest son is home for fall break and some of his friends are joining us so we will have a full house this weekend:)  That's always fun:)

Sarah was featured in an article about horse therapy.  It's so cool to think of her being featured in a news article!! 

Read about Sarah and her horse therapy here

Well just a quick check in! 

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  1. I hope you find answers for Sam. Sarah is so cute as a little horsewoman. :-) Maybe you could do a video of her new gait? I remember the walker and criss cross legs.