Monday, October 1, 2018


Do you want to meet our new pet?  Meet Possum baby  I've always liked possums and this is the smallest one I've ever seen.  He eats after the cats every night

The cats leave him alone.

Possums are really good animals and eat up bugs.  They can make holes in your yard but we have a 1 year old Lab who makes way more holes than this little guy ever would.

Last week we took our lives into our hands and went with our church, skating.  Growing up I was quite the skater.  Near my friend Lisa's house there was a road that had asphalt on it.  Most of the roads in our area weren't paved but this one was and was perfect for skating on.  We both had skates and skate boards. I can't tell the how many hundreds/thousands of hours we skated on that road!  Also the road by my church was paved and I'd meet up my little pastor daughter's friend Cheryl and we'd skate for hours.  I also frequented the skating rink outside of town.  It had an uneven wooden floor and NO air conditioning just big windows and a giant fan in the back of the room.  But it had a good juke box:)  I'd go s often as I could get a ride out there.  Sometimes our church's youth group would rent the place out but back in those uneducated times we would blissfully skate to all the rock and roll songs we could play on the juke box LOL  Later when the new rink was build in town with air conditioning the youth group would still have skate night but we'd only be allowed to play Christian music,  We'd learned about "backwards masking" by then LOL  At our skate night last week we only played Christian music- of course I as the pastor's wife understand why - but something was just missing without having the Rolling Stones singing "Beast of Burden" LOL

Couples skating

Show off

I did skate some in college but I'm pretty sure I hadn't skated since Steve's 12th birthday party when we rented out an old skating rink near where we live now.  since Steve is going to be 23 this month, I think it's been awhile LOL  Luckily neither Jon or I fell.  By the end of the night I was starting to be able to cross my feet over each other on turns!  Yay Baby!

We had a belated birthday dinner.  

We ran over to see Steve for a couple of hours.  Sarah stayed home this time with her respite worker.  Sometimes it is easier just to take one of the little ones with us.  

Last Wednesday it was time for Sam's sleep study.  He had Apnea for years and slept with a monitor on till he was 7 years old and would take it off nightly.  He had improved enough that the doctors were ok with him coming off.  I didn't really want him off but it was impossible to keep them on him.   About two years ago we tried to do a sleep study on him.  I didn't know how it would go.... well he was very good about being hooked up BUT he stayed awake all night with his hands folded on his chest!   We knew we would have to help him more this time so we went to the beach for the afternoon.  

Fort Desoto Park is beautiful!   There has been some red tide so we had the place to ourselves.  We were afraid to go in the water but we didn't really see any signs of red tide.  

Sunshine Skyway bridge!

Then we headed back to the Ronald McDonald House and Sam had some playtime

I gave him a bath and a BIG supper full of lots of carbs (thanks Carrabba's)  He tried to fall asleep after his bath but I told him he had to wait!

So we finally get over to the hospital and he gets hooked up.  Thankfully he was so sleepy he literally climbed in the bed when we got in the room!!!

 It looks like we are by teh bedside of our critically ill child!!!!

Daddy stayed with him.  I enjoyed a Ronald McDonald House bedroom all to myself!! I dont' know when the last time was that I was alone!!!

We haven't got the results yet.  Sam slept good and snored so I'm sure they got a good reading.
Of course our hope is there is no apnea and he just snores....but he snores so loud!

We stay busy!  Sarah does her horse back riding therapy 3 days a week and Sam 2 days.  They along with Selah have Occupational Therapy an hour a week.  There is always some appointment on the other days.  Tomorrow Selah has her yearly neurologist appointment in Tampa.  She is doing good   Then Wednesday I'm interviewing a new nurse for 2 shifts.  There's always something going on here.

Hope you have a great week!

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