Friday, September 4, 2015

Meet Maxim!

This is Maxim K.  Is he a cutie or what????
He struggles with asthma, cardiomyopathy and undiagnosed mental issues. I believe he is available for adoption also.  I LOVE little red headed kids!   Max needs a sponsor.  Lydia got one as well as another little girl who had just had surgery!!  YEAH!!!!!  Now let's see if we can get one for Max!!!!!
Here's the link to Life 2 Orphans   You can give on line or you can send a monthly check like we do. 
6326 E. Sandra Terrace, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254  Go like their FB page.  They have a story on it about helping Ukraines caught in the war. 
People have asked me about Life 2 Orphans and I can truly say I saw them IN ACTON daily in my girls' orphanage.  I saw the difference that L2O made.  I saw the relationships that L2O made in the institution.   I believe that if you give to L2O, you are giving to an organization that helps orphans and now war refugees.  They are a wonderful organization.
Now let's get this adorable little guy a monthly sponsor!!!!!  Just $40 a month can CHANGE his life!!!!!!
Ok last night's dinner was soooo easy...
Tacos, yellow rice, black beans and refried beans. 
I use one pound of ground chicken & one pound in ground beef.  Both of them organic.  I also drain the mixture so I get as much fat off as possible. (I give the cats the fat on their cat food-they love it)  With Steve gone, I can sauté all the onions I want in it!!!  And I've found that the food lasts longer too (haha)
The refried beans are fat free and have no unusual additives.  As I've said before, Walmart's Wild Oats organic brand is great, I used their black beans.   AND Wal-mart's "Great Value" Taco Shell brand is the absolute healthiest I have found.  They use high oleic canola oil, which is supposed to be the healthiest oil.  We love yellow rice, this brand does have MSG in it:(  But all that I've found have that in it.  I've thought about making it from scratch but haven't yet. 
Before I shared this next nugget, I made sure that I actually could do it!
I've read that one great way to save money is to just go shopping once or twice a month.  So that's what I've been doing.  And I mean NO shopping in between at all.  I took it to a higher plane, I decided I'd see if we could go without spending one penny for two weeks. 
So over two weeks ago, I went grocery shopping, we paid our bills and we filled up both our cars with gas.  For a little over two weeks, all we did was add gas to one van.  Jon did have to go to one luncheon for work and I did go out to lunch at my son's college.  That was IT!  It really worked. 
So that's my goal again.  I went grocery shopping today, filled up the vans, and paid bills.  My goal is to spend no money for two weeks (except probably gas one more time)  We are adjusting to having a mortgage and a son in college, all at the same time.  We HAVE to cut every corner possible.  It's really been quite an adventure for me.  That sounds silly but it's been fun trying to figure out meals and balance everything.  But don't think I've got too thrifty, I did have to get a pedicure today.   It had been two months and I needed it!!!!!!!
Well it's the weekend and a long one.  Our son is coming home tomorrow and the steaks are ready:)  It will be good to see him. 

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