Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pork Roast and Selah's on the Porch

Last night's supper was soooooo good and totally easy!  We don't eat pork but maybe once a month, but sometimes you just got to have some!  As you can see this is my old, medium size crock pot.  I put the pork roast with ALL the fat cut off (by the butcher) in with an envelope of Zesty Italian dressing mix by Good Seasons.  Just add a 1/2 cup of water, even less if the pork is frozen and leave it alone for a few my my my my it is good! It'll make your tongue slap your mouth!

we love potatoes cut up with some onions, sprinkle some Olive oil and garlic on them, add some pepper and coarse salt, cover with aluminum foil and bake for 350 for about an hour....YUM!  We like the little red potatoes the best but any type will work.

I LOVE Walmart's organic brand called "Wild Oats"   There are all kinds of products including a nice mac & cheese

Then for dessert, our favorite Gingerbread.  Its easy and somewhat healthy

 Usually our Gingerbread Man is prettier but Shad was at school and didn't decorate it for me. 
BTW we have a full salad at every meal-before someone gets too worried about carbs.  I was going to bake some Eggplant slices but my eggplant was no good :( 
I've been sharing how Selah is doing and it's been crazy good.  She has been doing very well with her teacher and she is consistently making independent movements.  Today she was lifting her head off the head rest of her chair and holding it for about 5 minutes while she looked around.   She was doing it in her room then we brought her out to the porch and she was so busy.  She kept putting her head down like in the second picture but would fight and resist when we'd try to move it back, SHE wanted it down and she wanted to move it back.  This is the first time she ever fought me when I tried to "help" her.  She'd done it to the nurses before, but never to me like she did today!  I LOVED it!  
 I love when she is stubborn!  She has never ever been consistent with things like she is now in just the last two months. 
I love my La La.  My heart still grieves for the abilities she lost but I am thankful for what she has and how cared for she is.  We have been able to provide her with a home where she has her own suite thanks to the help of Habitat for Humanity.  She doesn't lack for anything.  We just had a nurse come out to interview as a fill in and she was just shocked by Selah's room and equipment.  She kept saying it was like she had her own hospital room.  Selah has a wonderful team of nurses that all love her and are in tune with her needs.  Her doctors tell me time and time again how amazing her body/skin is -how she doesn't look like a "wheelchair bound child" because she is so well cared for by her nurses.  They work together to figure out any little change in her and try to find a quick solution.  I'm so thankful for all that Selah has to meet her every need.  Of course, I pray daily that she didn't need such specialized care and equipment but God has blessed her/us with all that she needs.  She actually is getting a couple of surprises soon that I'll be able to share about when she gets them.....she will really have a rocking room then!   Please keep Selah in your prayers - we love to see progress and we'd really love to see more. 
So we did get some rain but not as much as feared.  Yesterday morning I called a few tree cutting places in town to ask for them to dump off their wood chips.  It sounded like such a great idea at the time, we could fill in the parking area....I was so grateful....(and still am) BUT I see what the weekend holds for us.....  It's highest peak is about 6 foot tall LOL!  Be careful what you ask for.....

Then later, I was on the porch, and hear a CRACK- this big tree limb crashes down and hits our fence and leaves a big nick in it!  Glad it wasn't my head!    Just last weekend, a huge branch fell and missed one of the nurse's cars by inches!!!  We saw that one fall too.  We've had so much rain.   And we have frogs like the plague of Egypt!  Just the other morning I rescued 37 or 41 (sometimes they jumped out of my hand) little tiny frogs off our front porch, yesterday another 11 were set outside in the plants.  I told them to go and work on the mosquitoes! 

Well hope you are all having a good week! 


  1. So happy that Selah is getting spunkier. :)
    I had no idea that you could request wood chips from tree companies......(Do they charge much for them?) My driveway has been flooded for a month. I need a load of something for the very middle of it so we can stop getting stuck. :/ (I have a pond in the back and it overflowed into the driveway.) It's sure been a mess out here.
    So happy for Selah. All of you are in my prayers every night.

  2. It's FREE!!!!! Right now I cou have afforded anything else lol! Look in the phone book & call the tree cutters. They like to get rid of the chips

    Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Delish looking Gingerbread man!