Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What a Weekend!

We had a great weekend- so busy we didn't even take many pictures!

It started with Shad and me going to pick up Steve for the weekend on Saturday.  He had to work Saturday helping to clean the football stadium for the first home game.  He and Shad went to the game with some of his friends while I went over to a friend's house.  There was a group of about 13 of us  and we ate and played a game until it was time for me to pick the boys up.

Shad had a blast, he wants to be a college student NOW!  LOL

Sunday was church and then some great friends of ours came over.  We went to college with them and we were all young marrieds for awhile.  Then they moved to Rochester NY for 15 years.  We've got to spend a lot of time with them and their growing family because for  the last 8 years we've been going to Rochester for Sam's eye appointments.  They were there for us in a huge way when the accident happened.  Anyhow they've now moved back!  With all five of their kids:)  My kids are very happy to have their friends here and our old group is back together again!  Now we instead of being young marrieds, we are OLD marrieds LOL with adult children!  HOW did that happen??????   Anyhow we've enjoyed the weekend seeing them and are excited to be able to hang out much more frequently than once a year :) 

Then Monday some friends of Steve's came over to help us with the mulch mountain  but it was raining (they told me God loves them more than He loves me!)  so they did help us move around somethings in our storage area and then had the day to play video games and eat. 

Last night we had a family supper of Steak and potatoes (Steve's favorite)  We all spent some time talking and just having a good time

Jon and I got the great idea to sleep on the front porch.  We've spent hours and hours out there this weekend.  So we got the air mattresses out but then Sarah started crying.  So I got her and put her out there with me ( on a twin mattress)  That was NOT working so I moved back to my bed with her.  She cried/whined off and on all night.  She managed to wet the MIDDLE of the bed at 3 am, so she basically laid on me the rest of the night.  This morning she ate fine but was still whining so I gave her some Advil (something I seldom do) and put her to bed where she is sleeping soundly.  I don't know if she is actually sick- she has no symptoms and a great appetite.  It might have just been too much for her this weekend.  We will see if she is still whining, we'll go to the doctor.  It's very different for  her but she can get herself worked up if I'm not with her all the time.  She likes me to be with her and hold her and focus on her ....just a little spoiled.  So maybe this weekend she got tired of sharing mommy and worked herself up a bit.  Some times she has some problems getting her days and nights mixed up now that she is completely blind. 

This morning Jon had a conference to go to and was dropping Steve back at college on the way.....sounds easy right?  NO his van got stuck in our parking area, we all tried to push it out but it was not happening.  So he took my van and Steve.  Shad ended up having to miss school but he always has his books so he got his assignments from his teacher and he is working on them.  We have AAA so we can get the van out.  But I thought I'd try and take down the mulch mountain so there was a safer place for us to park it. 
I got some of it raked down on the back side where someone can park but my arms started shaking and I was getting eaten by mosquitoes!  The guys will just have to work on it.  But I think I got enough down that the other side is safe to park on.  Did you know we are ready for a few dry days??????
So I'm exhausted, but doing all the bed linens this morning so I can't go back to bed!  I did that on purpose so I wouldn't be tempted! 
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!!

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