Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Easy Healthy Cheap Meals! It can be done!

I hear ALL the time how costly it is to cook healthy.  You see those mems on FB that seem to indicate that a value hamburger deal at a fast food place is so much cheaper than the same restaurant's salad....and that may be true BUT you can cook at home good healthy food for CHEAP!  Those little funny pictures irritate me to no end because it's just being LAZY that keeps a person from eating healthy and cheaply! I saw one recently that showed a bag of fries and a bag of fruit & it said something like "don't expect me to eat healthy until the fruit is as cheap as the fries"  REALLY?  I bought a flat of strawberries and cut them and frozen them.  Each bag probably costs me about .25 cents.  Bananas are about .29 cents a pound..... yeah I could eat a bag of fruit for less than a bag of fries if I took the trouble to buy the fruit and prepare it ahead of time. 

So right now I have my crock pot going with tonight's meal.  It's "Mary's Mexican Chicken" I named it after my friend Mary who brought it to us after Jon's surgery.  I tweaked it a little since there are more of us than she has, but the idea came from her. So let me show you how to feed 6 people for just about  $20 and have some left over (maybe) for the next day's lunch!

Mary's Mexican Chicken
Bag of frozen chicken
Jar of salsa
can of Fiesta corn
can of Rotel tomato with chilies
3 cups of chicken broth

put in crock pot, cook on high for 7-8 hours and shred the chicken near the end of the cooking time..

In separate dishes we also have
white rice
black beans
fat free refried beans

A serving is really low in fat- probably 2 grams or so since the ONLY thing with fat is the chicken! So that solves the fat/cholesterol problem for us. 

As far as the price goes.....
I bought chicken on sale (without hormones) one packet was $6.27 & one $8.32 + $14.59(I have at least a chicken breast per person)
salsa was buy one get one free- so about $1.27
corn was .89 cents
Rotel tomatoes was about $.69 cents
Chicken broth was also buy one get one so about $1.25
black beans .69 cents
fat free refried beans .69 cents
Rice ( I bought a 5 pound bag) so about .50 cents or less for a cup.  Total $20.57

This meal is becoming once a week for us!  It is so stinking good!!!!  I also like it with Mexican chips but that's higher in fat.  Tonight I have baked Mexican chips- that bag was on sale for 2 for $5 so for another $2.50 we have chips with it.  I buy the things we like when they go on sale- the BOGO Salsa deal....I bought 5 bottles and got 5 free- we will use it up no problem.

There is no fast food place I can feed all 6 of us for under $20 -and have food left over! Fast food for us runs over $30 easily and no one is really full-plus we've eaten CRAP!

BTW a big salad at home is easily made for $5 and you'll have left overs.  The good thing about salad at home is YOU can wash it as much as you want and pick out anything that's not perfect & have the ingredients you want in it.  I do not buy bags of salad- they smell funky and taste funky to me.  I'd much rather buy the lettuce, wash it and cut it myself! 

I like sharing simple, good, healthy and cheap you have any to share?  Please comment!
Crock pot meals ROCK!  All the mess is cleaned up early and at supper time all you have to do is enjoy the meal!

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  1. Here's an English favourite:

    I hope you enjoy this if you make it for your family!