Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Watch us on an episode of Homekeepers with Arthlene Rippy

I think I'm the world's worst blogger~

Again I have all kinds of blogs IN MY HEAD but I have gotten too busy/lazy/occupied to turn on my laptop and share!

Today I want to share an episode of Homekeepers with Arthlene Rippy.  She invited us to be on her show again and as always it was fun.  We got there early(!!!!!) Childless no less- and got to watch her tape two other shows.  It was very interesting to us since our son is majoring in Broadcasting and he runs cameras for shows at his college.  She is such a professional to watch as she interviews her guests-she makes it look so easy.

We are able to share our story.

The recipe was great  I made it later with ground chicken and very little cheese & it still tasted good!

Some photos

On the Causeway-I LOVE Florida

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  1. I love many of your photos. Definitely suitable for framing and hanging in your house. Florida is one of my favorite states and would move in a heartbeat. I am in SC now but when hubby retires…who knows what lies ahead.