Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stop This Crazy Thing!

Oh the blogs I write in my mind when I'm going to sleep or stuck in traffic.....but then when it's time to blog they are all gone.....

So much going on in my life-I feel like George Jetson ...Remember this cartoon?

Life feels like that treadmill sometimes- even the good things can be stressful.  There are several paperwork tasks I'm working on and every step seems to have another 5 steps to it LOL.  Nothing can be just done and finished!  I can not imagine being completed with everything.... but I'm trying to do two things or two steps a day on several projects so maybe one day I'll be finished.  I'm hoping I can get things done over the summer.....

Our son is in finals week of his freshman year and we are looking forward to him being home for the summer.  The summers are precious to us as we realize it is just a matter of time before he doesn't come home to stay anymore. 

This past week I went and splurged!   I got a new hair cut and a mani-pedi.  I was at the beauty shop about three hours....some folks just need more help LOL!  Shad took a selfie of us


the Confederate Jasmine is growing fast on both sides of our fence.  Last week I cut some pieces of the huge honeysuckle plant at our old house and I'm trying to get that to root so I can have honeysuckle growing too!  Summer is here in Florida!

I just love this meme and felt like sharing it LOL

Hope you are having a great week~!

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary of the girls' "gotcha day"  Four years ago today we were running around Donetsk doing the last paperchase- having to have people sign off on paperwork so we could get our babies out!  I love this picture taken in the parking lot of some government office.  We were so happy.