Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is Angela.  We have supported her through Life 2 Orphans for five years.  I was so touched that someone had supported a caregiver for Sarah and Selah that I offered to start supporting a caregiver for another child and this is the child selected for us.  I got to meet her when we were in Ukraine and hold her.  It was hard to let her go.  We had thought about going back to adopt her and at least one other girl and then the accident happened and our lives changed.  We've continued to pray for her and support her.  I'd written about her before in the hopes of a family stepping forward but I'm ashamed I didn't push her more.  she will age out in February.  Her only hope is a family to step forward and get their paperwork in by then.  It is not impossible to do but a family is needed.

She has the same sweet gentle spirit Sarah has.  She was not walking when we meet her in 2012 but maybe a little now.  She has been moved further away from the war zone and is a better situation than she was in.  She is mentally delayed, and probably has some vision issues.  She needs a family.  If you are interested please email me

Can I ask you to pray that a family will step forward for her  Please feel free to forward this blog everywhere.....

I will commit to help fund raise and I will commit to $1000 towards travel (after a homestudy has been approved and a travel date is set)

Please pray for this precious girl!!!!!!

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