Monday, November 7, 2016

Half of a Decade!

It's been a half of a decade now since I first saw my beautiful Sarah's picture on the internet-proof that you CAN find LOVE on the internet!!!!

This is the first picture I saw- she was already in the mental institution.

Sarah in the orphanage

Here ae some pictures from the baby house- she was about 3 years old.  I love these pictures.

I loved her from the second I saw her picture.  The connection was so strong for me, that I really thought that I was romanticizing her adoption.  But from the moment we met, she's been my baby girl.  Not every adoption is like her's,  Shad's wasn't nor was Selah's.  That doesn't mean I didn't love them with all my heart but it was more like I "fell in love" with them gradually, finding more and more to love about them while we bonded. I've heard birth moms describe their bonding experiences with their birth children in a similar way.   Of course our Selah was an unexpected blessing- we only knew about her a few days before leaving for Ukraine.  So we were still a bit shocked about being able to adopt two little girls :)  But our relationship grew very quickly with her also.  Shad was the hardest as he was a confused & strong willed two year old!  But thankfully we bonded over food from day 1.  I was able to make him happy with food and that helped him trust me.  He was obsessed with food & he liked me because I provided what he wanted!  Hey whatever it takes!

Last night I was holding Sarah  as I watched TV.  Holding her while watching TV has been a habit since we've brought her home.  However as she gets larger, less of her fits on my lap!!!!  Soon it will just be her head LOL!  Anyhow I was thinking how amazing it is that God brought her to us.  As I think of every step that had to take place for me to even know she existed.....  I will always be grateful to Reece's Rainbow for publishing her photo-otherwise she still would be there in a mental institution in Ukraine a country involved in war......  God bless the people that got her info out!

So five years ago, a half of a decade, I was scrambling to get our paperwork in as fast as I could so we could go get our girl!!!  My heart is still grateful for all the help we had, the prayers and the gifts.  And I'm eternally grateful to God who gives such perfect gifts!  (And for giving us our other four children too!!!)

These two pictures are from yesterday morning before church.  Sam and Sarah somewhat matched-I had bought their outfits on clearance awhile ago and was so excited for them to wear the outfits LOL  It is almost impossible to get two blind kids to look at the camera at the same time.  I did my best!!!
Sarah is such a happy child, most of the time she smiles-but she seems to have a sixth sense about cameras!  She was laughing right before I tried to take the pictures and then turned glum, also I did jump up and grab the camera so she was probably mad at me for getting up.

Today she had her teeth cleaned, it's getting harder and harder to get her to cooperate.  When she was first home, I think she was scared to show her feelings....let's just say she is quite over that now!  I literally somehow pulled my shoulder out trying to hold her down.  At first I was afraid I would not be able to even drive home.  It was like having a leg cramp in my back!!!  It finally diminished enough for me to drive home.  But I still love my baby girl ( and she has cleaned teeth tonight lol)

Tomorrow she along with Sam and Selah have to get their yearly blood work.....that's going to make for a fun morning.  It seems like appointments always somehow end up back to back around here.

My heart is grateful for the people God has placed in my life.  I'm blessed by each of them and love each of their stories!


  1. Love the update! So who is bigger (weight/height), Sam or Sarah?

    1. They are both exactly the same height 46 inches. Sarah is about 51 pounds and Sam about 60. Sam is almost 13 and Sarah will be 10 next month. Neither are on the chart for their age group but our doctor is happy with their size. Kids with Peter's usually are small statured. Sam eats alot but doesn't gain as much as we think he should from the amount he eats. Sarah eats alot too but all puree. It doesn't seem like that would make a difference but according to the doctor since it tends to pass more quickly through her system, her body doesn't get a chance to adsorb it quite as well. They look so much like twins at this point :)