Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

I love this crockpot I got some years ago.  I put all the veggies I was cooking in it.  My sis in law made mashed potatoes-they are the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten!!!

And this little counter oven was priceless this year!

We had a great week with our son home.  On Thanksgiving we had some family over and we did have a funny story (of course)

The turkey was quite large-and wouldn't unfreeze despite our best efforts.  I have a confess, I absolutely can not "degut" a turkey so I always ask one of our nurses.  It's become a joke with them, I can't even watch or I will throw up.  there is just something about a turkey that bothers me....  anyhow one of our nurses pulled the bag out despite it being still frozen, she advised us to put it in water for awhile so we did.  Then we drained the water and Jon patted it dry ( I just can't handle turkeys.  I put it on to cook about midnight at 300 degrees, I got up at 4 am and turned it up to 350.  At 8 am I checked it's core temp and it was perfect but there was lots of juices....when I pulled it out the juices spilled all over the floor/rug/oven....and we almost had a fire.  Jon grabbed the fire extinguisher  and had it ready to go!  Thankfully the oven didn't catch on fire and we got it all cleaned up.  We had to turn the oven off but thankfully I had a turkey roasting pan that worked fine to finish browning it up.  It turned out to be one of the tastiest turkeys ever despite all the work involved!  BTW I ALWAYS feed our nurses on the holidays!  They are like our family!!!

Sarah had a Thanksgiving shirt on

We did our Christmas decorating this past week

I got this at a thrift store and just love it

Jon's boot!  He is a Christmas baby and someone gave his mom flowers when he was born in this book and we've saved it over the years.

Here's some pictures from last Sunday.  This shows Selah moving her head and shoulders on her own.  the pictures crack me up as she seems to be very tired of being by Sam.   I had dressed Sam and Sarah but I didn't even see Selah until we got to church as we take two vehicles.  I just laughed because they were all in peachy/pink color-totally unplanned!    Selah had a new outfit on that her nurse bought her.  It was so cute.

She works hard on head control and I'm so proud of her

Last night I used up the last of the giant Turkey by making a turkey and rice dish-it was so good so I guess that Thanksgiving 2016 is over for us but I am still a grateful person for all the folks in my life.  This year started out quite rocky for me having to have the lumpectomy....  then Jon's surprise heart attack and emergency open heart surgery......   But we're still here and we are still standing!   Thank God!

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