Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Schedule is FULL!

We are back on a tight schedule once again.  Sam and Sarah have horse therapy Monday and Thursday mornings and Sarah has an addition session on Friday mornings.  Our horse therapist has built a new barn and therapy area which is almost an hour drive from our house so it's a bit of a drive.  Then on Thursday once we get home and eat lunch they have Occupational Therapy at home. 
On every other Tuesdays Sam has massage therapy and a chiropractor visit-it's also about an hour drive in the opposite direction.  Pray for my ten year old van!!! 

I have to say I have barn envy!

Sam and Shad sitting on the porch

Double stalls

I'm weird but I love the smell of a clean barn  I'm so thankful my kids get to do this!  To be frank, I'm not much of a horse person.  I think I'm too much of a control freak to enjoy being on a horse.  Growing up so many people had horses and I rode some but I never really enjoyed it.  Sam Sarah and Shad enjoy horses.  Steve and Jon are more like me-not too interested LOL  But I love barns.   Barns make me happy.  I can get a little anxious to see my little kids on such huge horses but I know they are in good capable hands.  

Sarah is walking more normal by the week.  She used to "scissor" that means she'd place her feet in a scissor formation in front of her and try to walk.  She never does that now.  The horse back riding seems to be rewiring her brain and helping her to understand where to place her legs and feet.  Sarah has no physical reason at all that would keep her from walking.  Her bones, muscles, brain have no issues from any damage.  It's just she missed the "window" of time that kids have developmentally to learn to walk.  She wasn't given the chance and given her blindness and intellectual delays-she just could not figure it out.  We'd had her in traditional  physical therapy since we got home with her but we really were not seeing much progress after a point.  My thoughts are that the therapy was actually teaching her bad walking habits.  Sarah was using a walker and that caused her to be too reliant on it.  She could move her feet in any crazy way and still not fall down.  Now for the great majority of kids- the type of PT she was getting would have worked for them.  But with her limitations and background (being left in a crib tied down for years) it just didn't work  

Riding the horse actually seems to reprogram kids brains.  Horses move like humans do so she is feeling the movement and it's reprogramming her to move correctly.  Sam does walk but he has some issues that are different than Sarah because he has a little CP.  

Sarah is being reminded to touch her horse to get him to go

 Sam hooked up to the electrodes-he liked it 

Sam has an adjustment, has the electrodes, goes on a water bed massage, and has a 30 minute massage.  He absolutely is the most cooperative patient LOL

Shad is gearing up to do several things.  He is hoping to go on THREE missions trips next year!  Have passport will travel!  He is hoping to raise the money to go to Uganda, Miami inner-city and El Salvador!  He will have to raise about $5000!  This Saturday kicks off his first fund raiser for Uganda.  Shad will be helping to man a table at a town festival.  He is also helping a neighboring church.  The church does a "Walk Through Bethlehem" at Christmas time and he is helping them build the set and probably will be in the play. Shad has also been offered a job at our family's favorite restaurant in town.  He turns 15 years old next week and will go in and fill out an application then.  He is really excited!   Our theory of child raising is to keep them busy for the Lord!  I've always told the older boys when they were doing things at our church like cleaning or doing yard work that they weren't doing it for me or even the church but for the Lord.   (That's also what I tell myself when I'm cleaning a toilet LOL)   I think it's actually worked! 

Steve is back in the college life!  He is the producer for the Fire Football games and is busy most weekends.  We haven't seen him since he left in mid August more than a month ago!  Over Labor Day weekend he went to Georgia because he was in a friend's wedding.  I'm glad for Facetime!!! 
Steve is also planning on going back to Haiti next summer to shoot a longer documentary about the ministry he worked with. 

Selah is doing good.  She has gotten all new equipment.  Her new wheelchair has some issues so we have an appointment next week to change out some things.  Last month we were FINALLY able to get her into see a Nutritionist.  It took YEARS!  We have two insurances but both were denying her and it is very expensive to see a medical nutritionist.  I was quoted $200 for the first 20 minutes!  Anyhow her gastrologist somehow got it approved.  For years we'd asked for her to have an increase in fluids-it's a delicate balance with a child like Selah.  Too much fluid can cause all kinds of problems  but of course too little can too. The Nutritionist agreed to increase the fluids.   We'd hoped to add more fluids in order to help her poop better.  She often gets constipated.  Since the fluid increase she has been doing much better.  Things aren't perfect yet but we have no doubt we are on the right track!  We give her Prune juice, Aloe Vera Juice and Cranberry juice daily as well as her feeds.  She also gets more water now too. 

So that's a bit about us.  Sometimes I don't know how we do it all but somehow it all works out. 


  1. That is so wonderful about the horse therapy! They look so happy with it and I'm glad it's helping!

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