Sunday, June 7, 2015

Long Week

I've been a lazy blogger lately!  This week we've spent, going through things and buying a few things as we get ready to move in 1.5 weeks!  YES!  It really doesn't seem real since we've not been inside the house for over 3 months.  I will admit to driving by LOL

We are also redoing the parsonage that we have lived in for the past 9 years.  We are going to pull up the carpet and put in wood floors, paint, redo the bathroom and septic system of the church and the parsonage so I've got stuff going on with that too.  One of our church members is moving in it. 

The end of school is at hand, Shad had his field trip to Busch Gardens last week and rode EVERY rollercoaster!  NOW I know he is adopted LOL  He is braver than all of us!!!!!   He had such a blast, he is an adventurous kid! 

We've continued having respite care for the little ones and have been able to spend more time with our older boys and some other family members.  Friday night we had the absolute best time out.  I admit I was tired and not thrilled with the restaurant picked in the beginning.  If you don't know I am NOT adventurous  with food.   But we went to Harry's Bar and Grille in Lakeland with some family and close friends.  We've all been together since before we were all married:)    Since we had such a big party we got a back room which was great!  We ended up having the absolute best night ever.  Even the food was good.  Then we most of us went out walking on Munn Park in Lakeland that has totally been redone and has become a Hip place instead of a place where you would get mugged.  Jon and his brother went to the nursing home to see his dad and help put him to bed for the night.  Then we all reconvened at our friends house and talked & ate ice cream until it was time for us to get home to our sitter!  It was a night that just filled your heart up with happiness and good memories! 





We love Lakeland, I have since the day I moved there in August 1984.  It's the perfect size town, not too big that you don't run into folks you know but not so little that it has nothing.  I love the fact that we rarely go somewhere in Lakeland that we don't see some friends.  And Lakeland has grown a lot over the past 31 years.  Jon's family all live in Lakeland and many of our good friends do too.   Good thing I love it, we will be spending a lot more time there for the next four years!
Some Sunday pictures






 I expect this next week to be full too.  I'm feeling quite discombobulated about moving....I've got so much done, but the last little things are the worse to do.  I find myself just walking around with something in my hand trying to figure out what I'm doing.  It's not good.  It maybe funny to my family but it is not good. 

We are also looking to find a home for our dog Molly, she is just too energetic  for us.   She is a good dog, but we are forever having to back her off the little ones, even Selah in her wheelchair.  She just wants to love them but can't seem to understand that's not what we want her to do.  She almost knocked Sam down today, just to love on him.  He was NOT pleased with her!    She would be great in a family that could dedicate a lot of time with her.  We take her on our long walks almost daily and it doesn't even seem to tire her out.  My husband thinks she may have been bred to hunt as she will go after anything in the woods.  She chased a bunch of wild hogs one day and Jon almost had to sit on her to stop her.  She runs like a greyhound when she really gets going.  Her only bad habit is digging......she digs up animals, frogs, armadillos, turtles....and she digs for the sake of digging too!  She is a sweet dog, maybe if anyone in this area knows someone who is a hunter and GOOD to his dogs you can get in touch with me.  I have some messages out to some of our relatives too.    For our family we need an older dog, who is nice but who doesn't get too excited.   We were spoiled with our dog Brownie, she was perfect for us even tho she did dig a little, she seemed to "get" the little ones, and never bothered them. 

please email me if you are interested in her, I have to have references too :)  We want to know she'll be taken good care of.   We are not in a hurry to "get rid of her" but we do want to find her a good home where her needs will be met.  In our home, our little ones come first but we also look after our pets. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great Monday!


  1. Did I miss something? "Good thing I love it, we will be spending a lot more time there for the next four years!" What does that mean? 4 years?

  2. Lakeland is where Steve will go to collage at- that's what I meant:)