Thursday, June 25, 2015

What a change a week makes!

We went almost a week without internet or tv.  Basically I got my news off of my phone from FB.  Of course we heard about the terrible shooting in Charleston and the amazing response by the church and the victims of this horrific tragedy.  God bless them.  They have shown the world how to react to tragedy as Christians.  They've shown forgiveness- I don't know if I could do what they've done.  I pray God is with them every day and that He will continue to give them the strength to go on. 

Then after all that news I start seeing absolutely crazy posts about people going nuts about the Confederate flag.  I didn't know how the shooting and the Confederate flag played in together until a friend told me that the shooter was pictured with the Confederate flag in the background or holding it.  And the news kept coming....soon their were calls to change the name of streets, schools and monuments....even the Dukes of Hazard because they had some relation to the South's past......

My great great grandfather fought in the War on the South's side.  He was no slave owner.  He lived as a small farmer near the banks of the Steinhatchee River in Dixie county.  From what I understand of our family's history, his parents or grand parents were probably indentured servants themselves.  He lived well into my grandmother's and great aunt's life time and talked about the War to them.  From every story I was told ( and believe me they didn't try to tidy up anything) he fought for state's rights.  He had no dream of owning slaves.  I'm not saying that slavery was not a part of the War but it was not the only part at all.

I have no great love for a Confederate flag, don't think we have one.  I don't really care if it flies at a state capital or not.  But I do care about the rewriting  or sanitizing of history

What came to my mind immediately upon hearing all this crazed rabid talk, was that we are living in a country that is becoming like communistic China.  Our history is being rewritten and erased.....that is exactly what happens in other countries.  Are we going to let it happen here?  That worries me. 

So Wal-mart and other companies are no longer selling  Confederate flags or things that have that image on it.  But yet they sell nasty music and other things?  Come on.....this is nuts!

The CF has never represented to me slavery or racism.  I've seen black people wear clothes with CF flag symbols on them.   When I think of the CF (which I don't too often) it just symbolizes the South. 

You know everyone has differences.  Southern folks are different from Northern folks.   I have more in common with a Southern black person than I do with a Northern  white city person.  That's the truth.  I lived up north in NYC for about 5 years, I really know there is a difference.  It's not that one kind of person is better, just different. 

Now I do think about my friends who are black, I don't want to see anyone hurt by anything but I don't really think this was a real issue. 

It amazes me how something gets all blown up in the media!

What the media SHOULD be focusing on is the love and forgiveness that the church and family of the victims are showing. 

A flag did not cause this shooting.  I've seen a picture of the shooter holding a burning  American Flag.  Does that mean that we attack the American Flag next?  I've seen it called for already.....

And don't blame the gun....There are millions of gun owners in America who will never use a gun for a wrong purpose. 

We have several security plans in place for our church.  I'm not going to discuss them here but we are prepared if we ever have to deal with something like this.  It could happen.  We had something happen a few months ago that made us all more cognitive of the need to be prepared. 

Did you know there was ANOTHER church shooting last weekend? A black man killed five people in a black church.  I just caught a snippet of a news piece about it.  Isn't that interesting?  A black on black crime is not widely reported by the media.....

When a Muslim extremist does something we are told that the person(s) are not acting for the whole group.  Yet when something like this happens, the media goes nuts.  And every talking head or politician is busy trying to out do each other. 

Folks we live in crazy times. 


  1. The story is tragic on so many levels, but the families really demonstrated so much godliness in the midst of so much evil. I'm not sure I would pass that test!

    In as much as I detest liberal engaging in historical revisionism, I think we conservatives can also fall into the same trap when trying to make our point. I think the confederate flag issue is one such instance. I'm definitely not an expert - I've only just taken more of an interest in light of all that has transpired. However from all I've read, no one claimed it represented a rejection of government overreach until almost 40 years after the civil war. Instead, most of the states that were seceding expressly stated that they were departing from the union because of slavery (and their support for it). The flag sort of lost significance until its popularity was resurrected during the civil rights era as an emblem of those in support of segregation. Though people can say what it means to them personally, that does not negate its history. If we were to take everything aside, for me personally, I am not sure how people can claim and take pride in a symbol that represents treason.

    I had not heard of the 5 people killed in s church by an African American. I tried researching the story and came up empty. It sounded like something Rush Limbaugh might make up!

    1. I saw a snippet of a black man being led away in handcuffs while a church member of the small church discussed what happened last Sunday it was on a news channel. I too tried looking it up on line and could not find it but I'm not the best at finding things and anything with "church shooting" in it went back to the SC shooting. The man killed his wife, 2 kids and 2 church members. That much I caught from the news station. I don't' watch/listen to Rush. LOL

      The CF we see today is just one of many from that time frame. Different units used different flags. I do believe that the Civil War was over states' rights more than anything els

  2. If you read the declarations of secession from the states in the confederacy, they expressly mention slavery as a reason for departure from the union. South Carolina: increasing hostility to the institution of slavery by non slaveowning states has led to a disregard of their obligations..... Mississippi: our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery - the greatest material interest in the world. Reading the secession declarations in my mind is the final authority on the reason for the civil war - it's in their own words and not anyone else's interpretation. I guess one can argue the civil war was more about state rights (since ironically all the states trying to secede were slave owning states) they must have wanted to protect this "right" to own another human being!