Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New House!!!!!!

We have moved!  We had the House dedication on Wednesday afternoon.  It was roasting hot!  But a beautiful ceremony.  We estimate about 200 people came to the dedication, or came later.  We got to see some friends we haven't seen in years and meet some new friends. 

Thursday we were up early ( 4:30 am I woke up)  We'd packed two of our vans before our friends got there to help.  Then once the whole gang, about 15 people helping) we got the big truck packed and several trailers and we were off!  To be honest, our friends helped keep me focused.  it was a huge job and I found myself jumping from one thing to another.  By Thursday night we had our beds over and spent the night here!  We were not expecting to spend the night till Friday.  We brought Sam and Sarah's twin beds and their cribs but by the time we got ready for bed, we were too tired to put the cribs back together so we put them in their beds....both of them went right to sleep:)   So we are a crib-less family!!  They've both done fine.  Sam will put himself to bed.  He climbs right up in and pulls his blanket up. 

Friday we had help again thankfully!   We moved Selah's room.  Two of our nurses took her out for a while and everything got moved and put back together for her.  She was a little stressed that night but she soon understood that she was ok and not in a hospital and she has done excellent since.  She is actually sleeping better.

Saturday we with the help of the H Family (who had been helping daily) got almost all the boxes unpacked (expect for the books and DVDs) 

Sunday we went to church and did a little work on the house.

Monday one of my best friends came and helped me hang some of our pictures & rearrange some knick knacks.  Her home is very "clean" and that's how I want to do ours.  I've never had too many things up on walls but I could be tempted here to get a little too much things up if I'm not careful. 

Tuesday we settled in more and I got two crock pots going for Sarah.  I made her beef stew and chicken noodle soup.  Then I pureed it all and she now is back in business with "her" baby food brand.  She was tired of the canned soups of the last few days.  I make her own 'baby food" and I make it thick and with a lot of ingredients to try and ensure she gets her full nutrition.  She also drinks some Pedisure shakes that I add fruit too.  Sometimes she can eat our meals if they are kinds that will puree.  It just depends so I like to have plenty on hand for her. 

Today we got our internet & cable up!  HAPPY Day!  We have REAL internet!  NO more satellite!  YEAH!  Now I have no excuse not to blog. 

So it's been a wild few days!  I just really want to thank everyone who helped us move!!  We couldn't have done it without all the help we got.  It was a huge job-the biggest move that we've ever tried but it went smoothly thanks to all the willing helpers we had!

Habitat for Humanity outdid themselves on this house.  Every little thing was thought out for our family.  The house is absolutely wonderful.  Selah's room is amazing and our nurses are so happy.  Their job is so much easier now.  It's been great to see their expression and happiness. 

Sam and Sarah have done much better than I thought they would.  Sam is starting to explore the house some.  He has figured out where the front porch and the swing is for sure.  Last night I asked him if he wanted to go swing and he led the way.  So I sat with him and rocked him while we listened & watched the rain. 

Sarah has adjusted.  The hardest thing for her is that I've been so busy and she wants me to hold her.  We've had a wonderful young lady helping us with the two little ones and that has helped her a lot.  She likes her various toys that roll, she has plenty of room to scoot around. 

So here's some pictures.....

The long road to our house.....

I love living off dirt roads.
HH planted Confederate Jasmine  for me!!!!!!  It's growing like crazy in front.

Front porch swing
We've not got a lot of chance to enjoy the backyard yet.  It's literally almost 100 degrees daily with high humidity.  Then by the late afternoon the thunderstorms start. 
I LOVE the pines trees so we put the kids playground back there.  The pine smell is my favorite.  There is just something about the smell of pine needles that brings me back to my childhood.  The town I'm from Perry Florida is THE Pine tree capital so I guess I get my love for pines naturally.  The big pines in the backyard is what made me fall in love with this property the first time I saw it. 



The storage room is full

Selah's suite!
this is her bathroom.  the shower is fantastic.  She used to get a shower once a week and a bed bath every day.  Now she can get a shower daily.  In our old house, it was very hard to get her into the bathroom, but not here!

this is today:)  Selah is enjoying the big chair.
the cat's area


Sam's and the other kids' bathroom

the laundry room which has been in great use as always

Shad's room
obviously we have not done all the decorating.  Shad has Star War pictures to go up

our room with our own bath

Sarah's room

Sam's room
Steve's room




My plan is to sand and repaint the dining room chair and table with black trim instead of white.  I've got everything bought but I'm a little afraid to do it but the white just doesn't do it! 

see the little half door?  That's to keep Sam out of the kitchen and safe!
So I hope you've enjoyed all the pictures.  We feel so blessed by all that was done for us.  If you are wondering Habitat for Humanity helps families but the houses are not free.  We still have a mortgage, insurance and taxes.  But there is no way we could have afforded a home that was handicapped accessible for our kids without Habitat's help.  We had looked at homes on the market and what we could afford, was about the same size of the home we already were living in.  And none of the homes had anything that was handicapped accessible, we would have had to have them all remodeled.  But with some much labor, materials and even the land donated, this home became something we could afford for our family.  We are truly grateful to everyone who had a part in this.  It makes life so much sweeter and easier for our kids, especially our little ones. 
 (article about dedication)




  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new home. You guys SO deserve it!! I hope you can spend many many wonderful years there making great memories!! I'm so happy for you!! :)

  2. So happy for all of you and so thankful to our Father that He provided all you needed (even pine trees) in your new home!!
    Can't wait to see it!

  3. love your new house. enjoy the space and having so much room to move around

  4. Yvonne, your new home is absolutely stunning. I am so happy you were able to get this home for your family. I have done a few volunteer days with our Habitat for Humanity in our town. It is an amazing feeling for sure. I would give anything to live down that long country road. :) Have a great day. Sherri

  5. Congratulations on the big beautiful house! Love the floors! Oh kitchen looks amazing! I bet you will have fun decorating that beautiful home!Congrats again it really is a beautiful home.