Monday, August 6, 2018

Busy Week

This week is dedicated to all the end of summer chores.  I do this every year and every year my kids hate it LOL  Today we deep cleaned the back half of our house.  Then the boys' pressured washed the drive through garage area.  They couldn't do the whole house because it is just way too wet and the last thing we need to do is to add more water around the house.  Then after supper, they water sealed the front porch.  Tomorrow we deep clean the front half of the house, good Lord willing! Deep Cleaning involves alot more than regular cleaning for me and makes me happy  It doesn't necessarily make anyone else in the family happy!!  LOL!
 Selah has a Nutritionist appointment-Jon will take her.   Wednesday Sam and Sarah have genetic appointments.  Thursday Steve has meetings at his college regarding the football season- he's the producer for football.  Friday I'm cleaning the church with a friend and we have a big church softball game that night.  Saturday a group of college friends are going with Steve and Shad kayaking.... Usually that means we have sleep over guests.  I got smart and bought camp cots now we have beds for everyone and anyone.  They fold up pretty small and are quite comfortable.  Air mattresses were always a pain and would end up collapsing  during the night.  The camp cots were one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Last Friday I did have fun with a couple of my friends.  That doesn't happen all the time either but it makes me happy when it does!  My college roommate and life long friend and I try to be artistic together.  We have tried various things with varying degrees of success.  But I have to say we absolutely love Rock Painting!   This beats some of the other projects we have tried!  We also watched some old home videos and laughed till our faces hurt.  The funniest one  was about 7 years ago some neighbors of ours robbed a bank and had a shoot out with cops.  Well I'd known these folks for decades so all of the press came knocking on our door asking about them.  We were on several TV interviews for the local news.  BUT then as the manhunt went national- all the networks came knocking too!  We ended up being on a LIVE  national news talk show on FOX.  It was all fun and games until I heard in ear piece "Mr and Mrs Clanton we have about 3 million viewers tonight.  You are on in 3,2,1.... I FROZE!   Some friends taped it.....and gave it to us.  I basically look like Morticia from The Addams Family!!!!  It is absolutely hysterical to watch and rather painful too.  I hadn't watched it in years so the tears were running down my face.  At least I can laugh at myself!  You know the old saying "If you can't laugh at yourself, come see me.  I can laugh at you"  Oh and our former neighbors were captured unharmed and are in prison probably for the rest of their lives (which is sad)   All I can say is I have an interesting life.

My rocks are to the right side.

Oh my gosh we look like twins!  Straight hair, bangs, glasses, sleeveless shirts and fitbits!!!  I'm laughing at us!  We've been together for a long time!  We say we are going to be roomies in the nursing home one day!  Nothing better than life long friends who can laugh with you and at you!!!!!

Then that night I got to go out to eat with my other BFF!  What a treat!  All in ONE day!  I was a happy girl.  I don't' have many days like that!

Hope your week is going good!

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