Thursday, August 2, 2018

Horse Therapy

Sarah rode the BIG Horse today  She loved it!  Doesn't she look pretty in the saddle?  I grew up around horses but I never developed a love for them.  I never liked riding them and thought they were a bunch of work.  But I'm worrying that we may end up having to get one for Sarah LOL  She certainly loves to be on a horse. 

Sam was on what we call the "fake horse" It's really called a Equicizer.  It gives the same sensation as riding a horse but of course it is a much more controlled situation.  As you see Sam is turned around here facing the back of the horse.  His therapist moves him around in order to cause different muscle groups to have to work harder  He likes both the real and the fake horse.  Sarah on the other hand gets angry if she is not on the real horse!  It's great to have this too if there is bad weather, the kids can still get therapy.  Sam got alot of stretching today on the horse and his brothers learned how to stretch him out.  

All three of the little ones had Occupational Therapy this afternoon at home.  I'm so glad I have found someone who can work with them  She also stretched Sam's legs out and he was delighted with her  He was so delighted he wanted to crash Sarah's session!  

Since Sam was born, I've been very passionate about finding therapy for him.  We've had good therapists in different areas over the years but I feel like horse therapy is the best therapy they've ever been in!  I'd wish I would have had Sarah in it since we got her, I'm sure she would have walked by now if we would have.  But thankfully we are in it now!  Sarah loves to be there.  I used to think that swinging was the thing she loved the most but she loves horse back riding.  If it were up to her, she'd ride for a couple of hours  She has never wanted to get off the horse but she is good about cooperating.  Just don't put her on the fake horse!!!!  LOL 

Here's a video of Sarah on the fake horse last week.  She was NOT happy  She was calling for MOM to get her off of it and back on her real horse!  She stayed mad about it the whole time but did work with her therapist.  I hope you can see this video posted below if it works, it is very funny.  Sarah is usually such a happy child and doesn't complain much but this got her mad!


  1. Yvonne, I love, love reading your blog! You are very inspirational to me, and it's such a treat when I see new postings. Although I live in Texas, I feel as if we are friends. I've read your blog for about a year now. Thanks so much!

  2. Enjoyed all of the updates!! Glad to hear about the summer ventures!! Am interested to hear if the new DNA testing revealed any new insight for your family :) Thanks for sharing, always a fun read!