Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sam and the Orthopedic Dept! Plus Freezer Meals!

Sam had his orthopedic appointment today. We got there really early.  I read the reminder text as 11:40....but it was really Aug1 1:40  LOL  Since we had extra time we went out to eat with big brother who was driving us.  Sam absolutely loves to go out to eat.

We got a lot of information at the appointment.  Thankfully he has only has a very small amount of scoliosis but his hamstrings are very tight.   The doctor does feel he has some CP  which aggravates it.  He gave us some exercises to do and our therapist too.  He also prescribed massage therapy for Sam!  Let me tell you that is right up his alley!  That boy loves massages and every now and then I splurge and pay for him to get one.  He started getting them when he was about 4 and he knows just how to get up on the table and put his face in the hole LOL  It would be wonderful if our insurance paid for him to get some!!!!

Having such tight hamstrings can cause some real problems and even  cause him to stop walking.  We have to really work with him to get him to walk much distance as it is.  Today I didn't even take his wheelchair so he got quite  bit of walking.  He walks slowly in unfamiliar areas and gets a little stressed.  In one of the many elevator rides we took today as we went around the hospital, he tried to show me he was tired by sitting down LOL  But he walked the whole time.

The first doctor we saw looked at his x-rays and felt that Sam had no growth plate left meaning he is as tall as he is going to get.  The second doctor thought he saw a little bit but doesn't expect Sam to grow more than 1-2 inches.  Sam is 4'6 with a tiny mustache and so cute:)   He hit puberty around 12 or so and has not really had any issues, other than possibly this, that we feel are related to it. 

Sam did so good with all the doctors and x-rays and the long waits.  He enjoyed being with me and Steve and alternated between the two of us.  He liked being the center of attention today.  It was a long day.  It's amazing how quickly this problem started with him.  While he has always bent his knees and walked slowly, because of his low vision,  in unfamiliar areas, he walked normally at home or when he got used to areas.  But one night last month I realized that he could not stand up straight and straighten out his legs.  I started looking at pictures but so often in the pictures he was away from home so he had his bent look going on.  I found a few at home from Christmas and it looked like his legs were straight.  But this has been getting worse.  I noticed pictures at the church, a place he knows, and he was standing with his legs bent in some and straight in others at Christmas time.  Anyways, there's always Mama guilt.....  But hopefully we will work this out and help him to start using his legs normally so there is no long term issue.

After we got home I had to go grocery shopping.  While I was sick I saw a friend was doing freezer meals.  She posted some great sites and I thought I would give it a try.  The sites she used was  Stockpiling Moms.  So having nothing to do but stay in my room sick I made a list of all the recipes and ingredients.  Some of the ones I'm going to use are Meatloaf, Stuffed Shells. Friendship Casserole, Baked Ziti, Chicken and Dressing, Chicken and Rice, Mexican Chicken, Chicken Fajita, Lasagna, Mexican Chili, Chicken Pot Pie, and Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya.

Of course, I have to redesign some of these recipes to make them healthier.   No red meat-I only use ground chicken breast 1% fat.  I don't use any oil in cooking unless it's a quick spray of olive oil.  I use fat free or low fat cheeses and I use less than the recipes calls for.  I use fat free milk when called for and absolutely no butter. Most of the time I substitute gluten free pasta, sometimes even veggie pasta. I also substitute cauliflower "rice" at times. We were using it a lot but we got a bit tired of it.    Ragu has a healthy new sauce out called Simply Ragu that is chocked full of veggies (but the kids can't tell) and much less sugar and only a smidgen of olive oil.  When a recipe calls for eggs, I use egg whites.   We almost always have  salad on the side every night and sides of veggies.  To be honest, I get SOOOOOO tired of chicken!  But my husband has to have a low fat diet and it's good for all of us.  So I try to keep things different, it's easy to fall back on my favorite 10 recipes.  Spices help!  I have so many spices in my cupboards and I use them!!!

To keep down the need for oil, I use  copper pans.  Lately I've been stir "frying" chicken and adding different flavors.  My favorite was using fruit only orange marmalade, BBQ sauce and red pepper flakes to make Orange Chicken.  Lord have mercy that was good!  I made white rice to go with it and everyone was happy.  You know sometimes I surprise myself LOL  It's challenging to try and eat healthy and cook for this many people every day!  They like their food!  I figure even if I make a meal that is a little starchy-it's a 100 times better than fast food!

So I got half my list done, and found the sale paper for Publix that starts tomorrow and saw that chicken and several other things I need will be Buy 1 Get 1.  So I will be back tomorrow!  Walmart is on my list too.  My goal is to have at least one week of meals in the freezer.  Some may be in the large quart bags ready to go straight into the crock pot and some may be in casserole dishes.   We have a great refrigerator but the freezer is small and has an ice maker that takes up more room.  We have a second fridge in our shed but I don't trust the freezer any more.  It's used to house bottle water and drinks in the fridge.  One of these days I'm going to buy a new freezer.  Growing up we had two giant freezers because my aunt "put up" some much of her garden and my uncle did a lot of hunting. There were only 4 of us living there.  I have 7 and I'm not as well prepared as they were!   Keeping everyone healthily fed is a full time job here!!

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