Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 38 Fish Oil Study~ I feel like traveling on......

Selah had all our evaluations today.  I don't know that she did as well as normal as she seems stressed out but I think that is good, as it may keep her goals more manageable and that is important as she has to meet goals to stay in rehab.  Her aunt is taking care of her and reminding them all of who Selah is!  I'm so thankful that Valerie is with her, I'd be a mess if she were there by herself!

We will be there by early afternoon and be there for some of her therapies and we will get to meet her new doctors and therapists and see what they have to say.  We are excited/anxious to know what they say....  We've stopped north of Charlotte NC and are staying at a great hotel thanks to our friends, calling us and surprising us with a reservation:) 

On our way up to Rochester, we stopped in Mt Ariy NC, Andy Griffin's  hometown and had a fun day.  We took some really cute pictures of the kids that day, it was a good time.  Driving past that exit tonight, just broke my heart.  I started bawling, remembering that day.  All I could think is "if only I could turn back time"  Oh God, if we had only known what was before us..... 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for how far Selah has come, but she has so far to go to be where she was...will that happen?  We just don't know.  Today I have had to remind myself again..."do not fear"   Long road trips give you a lot of time to think....the future is many unknowns

Please pray for Selah....pray that she comes all the way back to us!

the kids in the Mayberry Jail  (Selah in orange, Sam, Shad and Steve holding Sarah)

Sam in bed!  He didn't want to get up this morning

Sam on the trip listening to the bear reading "twas the night before Christmas"  for hundreds of miles!!!!


  1. Praying...praying...praying. Sending love to all.

  2. Glad the trip is going well so far!

    (Are the batteries in the bear going coincidentally die tomorrow?) :-)

  3. Saw you here on Bay News 9!! I'm happy that you should be reunited with your daughter by now. I know that must make you feel better to some degree.

    Still praying!