Monday, December 24, 2012

Sarah's Christmas Eve somersault!!!!

Look at this little gymnastic!  she might even be into yoga:)   this little girl could hardly lift her head when we met her in April!  Once she gets into therapy, who knows what she will do????     BTW her shirt says "Love makes me smile"  it sure does because she is always smiling!  We love her so much!!!!  I didn't get to write a Happy Birthday post for her, her bday was on the 21st.  But I have to say I have loved her with all my heart since the day I saw her picture...even in a mental institution, she had a smile on her face.  Sarah was so meant to be my daughter that God worked every little thing, just so,  I saw her picture and couldn't forget about a series of fortunate events. 
I can not imagine my life, our life without her!  She is a JOY to have in our family.  When Sarah was born, her parents would not touch her because she was missing an eye and they immediately signed her over to the state.  That makes me so angry!  She went through hell for years.  I wish I would have seen her picture sooner, I whisper that in her ears and she just smiles and giggles at me.  I tell her the stork accidentally took her to the wrong country & that she was mine from the moment she was born.   She may not understand the words but she knows she has a family that adores her now.....  I can tell how secure she is with us.  Sarah never had one issue with us in adapting to our family.  She & Selah both fit perfectly.  Not every adoption is that smooth but I think they were just ready for us!  We certainly were ready for them!
this is the first picture we saw of her.....
it kept me up all night, she looked just like Sam but she was alone in an adult mental institution....
So Sarah it might be a few days late but I love and adore you from head to little toes!  Happy Birthday, you'll never be alone again:)

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  1. What a wonderful video!! The future grows ever brighter for this precious little girl. You have just let us share a miracle. Thank you.