Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 44 Fish Oil study

Selah had an ok day.  She still seems sick and "off"  One good thing is there has been more communication between NY and here and I think it has made the staff question why she is so "off" from  where she used to be.  They also are taking into consideration the fact that she has institutional autism.  Today when we met with the cognitive therapist, Selah responded to a loud noise by turning her eyes and head away from it.  Based on who Selah was before the accident, that was a "normal" reaction for her.

One good thing is that she is showing emotions, those emotions are not happy ones but she is quite able to show emotions.   I was reminded tonight that she was never expected to show any emotions, so even if it is negative, it is emotion!!

Selah was measured for a wheelchair.  Of course we hate that!  It is one thing to put her and the little ones in a stroller but a wheelchair....  We had gotten one for Sam and I hated it.  It was bright blue and we used it probably 2 times except for our trip to Ukraine, and it got "left behind" at the orphanage! I hated Sam's chair so much because it was bright blue and just screamed "look at this kid"!   We chose one that looks more like a stroller and it had pink on it.  It's a smaller one but I don't know how I'll get it and a double stroller in the back of our van.

 Please pray that Selah will get back on track and show this hospital what she can do and even more. We want to see her progress, not regress like she is doing.  This is hard for us and her too. 

Today is 5 days since we started Sarah on Fish Oil.  Dr Barry Sears was so generous to send us fish oil for the little kids and for us also.  So today when we walked in the apartment, she crawled/hopped down the hall to me and lifted her arms up for me to pick her up!  She did it as soon as I cane in tonight also!  She has never done anything quite like that before!!!  We were all amazed:)  I'm excited to see how this will affect her.  She is such a happy girl, I think this is going to help her understand more, and to enjoy her life more!

our hotel, it has pine trees all around, so nice and quiet

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  1. Hooray for Sarah!! I loved reading this.
    I still believe that Selah is a little off from being sick, but mostly "hiding," as I wrote yesterday. The fact that she showed a strong response when startled tends to support this...it speaks to her ABILITY to respondm vs. her tendency to CHOOSE not to in other instances. This sounds positive to me. Not trying to argue or change your opinion, just sharing mine. :-) After all, I am a long distance observer, and you are the world expert on Selah.
    Love, lots of hope, and endless prayers for all. God bless.