Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 39 fish OIl (and day 1 for Sarah!) We're in Jax!

So we finally made it here!  We began wondering if Florida had moved or something, it seemed like such a long drive. 

We went straight to see Selah.  She has had her Aunt Val with her to take care of her and she was relaxed when we got there.  Funny thing is we could smell her down the hall....39 days of fish oil has quite the brimy smell:)  Our sweet little Mermaid:)

She seemed to have a lot of guck coming out of the trache, it was actually bubbling out!  The color was greenish and it worried me.  Evidently she has had that since she got there and everyone thought it was her "normal".  As soon as I said she had never had anything like that, even when she was sick a couple of weeks ago, things started moving.  The respitor therapist came and did an xray and a culture of it.  Also right after we got there, her oxygen level dropped to the low 90's which really scared me.  Never has she had that happen!  So she was put on a little supplemental oxygen for tonight just to make it easy on her.  (just got an update from Val and her chest xray was clear, still waiting for the culture to come back)

The Rehab is beautiful and her room is huge!  It actually looks like a spa:)  the staff was very responsive to us and it's been like that for Valerie too.  We will meet all the doctors and therapists tomorrow and have some meetings.  We are looking forward to it!

We met our new friend in the parking lot of the hospital and he gave us the directions to our hotel and the keys along with some goodies!  When we got to the hotel.....we were FLOORED!!  Two bedrooms and a bath, living room and kitchen area!  The whole place was decorated for Christmas, including a live tree!!!  The cupboards were filled with our favorite goodies and so was the fridge!  Thank you so much Mandarin United Methodist!  We are so grateful to your kindnesses to us!!!!!   After we unpacked (what a job-it seemed like my brain was mush!)  we ate and it was just so nice not to have to run anywhere to get something to eat!  What a blessing to our family.  The boys were just amazed that someone would do something like this for us!  They were jumping around with happiness at every new discovery:)  It was cute, everyone was tired but that woke us all up for awhile:)

So we are all about to fall out, Jon is really sick, he actually took some medicine so you know he is sick!  Steve feels better, both little ones have runny noses/ and Shad are still ok! We 're going to get up tomorrow and start this new phase of Selah's recovery.  Please pray for her that she will respond more and more each day! 

BTW, Dr Sears sent us some fish oil for us to use including liquid fish oil for the little ones.  Since we have a fridge, we opened it tonight and gave some to Sarah in applesauce.  She took it and didn't seem to mind it!  I'm curious to see what affect it has on her.  She is so very delayed, much like a 3 or 4 month old....  Now if we can just trick Sam. but that might be harder to do!   Also today I thought we should try and get Sarah into the out patient therapy here.  I feel like we "wasted" the last 4 months for her.  If we would have known how long we were going to be in NY, we would have gotten Sarah into therapy there.  She doesn't walk and her feet/legs turn in.  I had taken her for PT, OT, and speech evaluations before we left for NY and I had everything ready for all of them to start therapy when we got home....  since she spent all her time "bed ridden" tied to a bed, she could only lift her head a little and roll when we got to her.  Now she pulls herself up and stands by the couch, or in the crib....but she has no idea of how to walk, she puts one foot on top of the other.  So maybe we can get her started soon here and work with her also.  I called our doctor and they have already sent all the paperwork needed for her to get started!  Hopefully we can get a date tomorrow for Sarah to get started in therapy.


  1. So glad to hear that you are all safe and enjoying
    your new "home" in Fl. How wonderful of the church
    to get you all ready to hunker down with Selah and her
    new digs....
    Be Blessed
    Love from NC

  2. WOOHOOO!!!! So glad you made it! And what a wonderful blessing the church provided for you. The Love of Christ...AWESOME!

  3. So glad to hear you all made it! Have you ever tried Elderberry syrup when you or the fam is sick? Tastes like blueberry syrup and our whole family slurps it down at the signs of cold or infection. It is a great natural immune booster. Hope you all get the rest you need and Selah is relieved to hear and see and feel you by her side again :)

  4. No feeling guilty about Sarah allowed!

    The last four months have not been wasted. She has learned to stand, to pull up, and what it is like to have a family. She has learned what it is like to have the love of a Mom and Dad. She is making huge strides!

    I'm glad that she can get some therapy now, but four months is not that much in the big scheme of things. She will learn to walk, and get into things...


    1. thanks! I want her walking so when we meet you one day you can see her walking. What a sweet girl she is, tonight she was just giggling and was so happy. She is an amazing little girl!

  5. A fresh start for everyone! Wonderful! Hope Jon feels better soon.

  6. Aww I got tears when I read about the Christmas tree :*) I am so thankful you have so many people who love Selah and who love you all too!!!

    Praying for everyone to feel better and get over this "gunk" that is going around.

    I'm really glad to hear you are going to use the fish oil on Sarah and Sam too! I truly expect it will help them as well! I know it's not the same quality but my son took fish gummies for awhile, he LOVED them (I could taste the fishiness). If you can mix it in smoothies or something, I bet you'll find a way--you are more stubborn than he is ;)

    I'm glad you're all there safely and that she has a lovely room and staff. You all deserve the best!

    Prayers and love always!! xoxo