Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another Quick Update

Jon is doing good.  He's not having any issues and is getting stronger by the day.  I can not believe it has been two weeks since his heart attack and surgery!  We are having a good time just hanging out together with nothing to do:)  Usually if he had time off, there were chores to do, people to visit for the church, it's just him, me and the little ones.  We spend a lot of time of the porch!

He can't lift or drive or even open a jar (per his doctor) so I do stay a bit busy with the little ones.  He has started feeding one child, while I feed the other.  That's a huge help!  Some days it's the afternoon before I get a shower, first have to get the kids breakfast, clothes changes, eye drops, diapers, then it's lunch time.... after lunch is our calmest time. 

I've scheduled him to see a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic this summer.  First we will go to Rochester for Sam's eye appointment -then scoot over to Cleveland Ohio to see a specialist.  Jon and Steve will be seeing a prevention doctor and probably having a DNA test to see if they have something going on in the DNA- we know this is genetic but is it actually a abnormality in his DNA?   I'm going to see a woman's heart specialist since we will be there anyhow as a preventive measure.  We also will be going to a heart seminar. 

So that's our fun family vacation- only Shad and Sarah are spared a doctor visit LOL

Jon & I are planning on going on a short cruise in August.  I've looked on line and it's all so confusing to me!  Any advice would be nice!  We'd like to go on a short cruise to the Bahamas- on a boat that does not have an open bar!!!!!!!  Not wanting to deal with craziness if we can avoid it-just a nice mild relaxing cruise.......

Sarah is starting to take 2-4 steps on her own.  This is new and I have great videos.  I'm determined to get our son to teach me how to put them on here this weekend:)  Anyhow she is really making big strides.  She had regressed due to losing all her sight last year.  Her therapist and we were beginning to think she would not walk.....but she seems to be proving us wrong.  If she continues, she will be at least walking from chair to chair in the house.  She's so proud of herself.  She's an amazing kid!

We are being spoiled by our church and friends.  One of my church friends organized a supper for us nightly.  It's been great and we are going to hate it when it's over LOL!  Everyone has been so kind and caring to our family as we've gone through and are now recovering from this surgery!  I've felt like burdens have just been lifted from our shoulders.  It's amazing what a visit and a supper can do for your spirits!   We sure appreciate our friends:)

Well I got the babies in bed, Shad is in the shower....and I'm ready to crash!

Good night everyone!


  1. Cruises are nice. They can be as relaxing or as entertaining as you want. I am cruising from ft Lauderdale in August of this year and very much looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy yours!

  2. One more things I keep in mind. The shorter the cruise the more likely it is a "booze cruise". 3-4 day cruises tend to more of the "party" cruises. Not too many cruise lines have open bars though.

  3. So happy to hear he is home and doing well! I've gone on 3 cruises now and I love it. I've only ever went on Carnival, but I'm sure all of them are nice. You'll always have people drinking, but I never ran into any problems with it. I don't think I ever even saw anyone drunk lol.
    My first cruise was a "pastors wives" cruise with 2 other friends. Our senior pastor wife had been on several cruises and was able to book everything for us. I used the same person the second two times and things went smoothly.
    Here is who we used and he was very helpful!
    Jimmy Tran
    Master Cruise Counselor and Luxury Specialist
    Vacations To Go (5 Years)
    Hours: Mon-Fri: 5:30am-2:30pm (US Central Time)

    US and Canada: 1-800-338-4962 ext. 7776

    Give him a call and he can set you all up. He is good at explaining things and he even watches if the price goes down after you book and lets you know.

    Hope that helps! You're still on my prayer list! :-)