Saturday, March 12, 2016


Quick Jon update!

Jon came home Thursday and is doing great.  Today was his best day yet, he's almost back to normal.  I told him tomorrow might not be as good, sometimes that is how it goes. 

I was very nervous to bring him home.  His oldest brother came and spent the night with us and that helped me a lot!  Then Steve came home from college on Friday and I've had his help this weekend.  My nervousness was more thinking HOW was I going to take care of Sam and Sarah and Jon!  The first few hours home, I thought we'd made a BIG mistake coming home.  Then when my brother in law came, he brought the "electric" chair (motorized chair) that my father in law had used.  Jon basically slept in it that night and has spent a lot of his time in it as he can adjust it however he wants it to go.  Before the chair, Jon couldn't get comfortable.  Today he walked around the property twice and went out on the porch some.  I had to pick up some things at the health food store and he rode with me over there and waited in the car just to get out of the house. 

We've just had our socks blessed off by friends bringing in food and all kinds of goodies.  The kids are thrilled with the food LOL! 

In all of life's challenges, we can still see the grace of God.  There are lots of things that Jon doesn't really remember that happened from the time he left the house until a day or so later in the ICU.  He heard my side of things, things that weren't told to him at the time and he was able to piece together other things.  This has been a huge thing to go through and I'm not sure we have yet wrapped our minds around it.  It was shocking!

Jon's doctor confirmed that he did have a heart attack, but because he got to the hospital, they were able to give him drugs and there was no heart damage.  It's just amazing with the amount of blockage he had that he lived to get to the hospital and that there is no heart damage. 

PLEASE if you ever suspect heart issues- go to the hospital.  Better to have wasted your time and money and be wrong than to sit at home and die!  This past few weeks I know two people who died from heart attacks, one younger and one older than Jon.   I know there are not always symptoms but if you suspect something....get it checked out!

So tomorrow I'm speaking at our church.  We have a missionary couple coming but I'll be sharing after them.  I really feel that our church needs to hear what is on my heart.  I'll share it on here after tomorrow.  For YEARS I've had folks tell me that they'd skip their own church service ( and some of them were pastors) if I ever spoke.....LOL  now they just want a video. 
Thank you all for your messages and prayers.  I truly appreciate them and you!  


  1. Yvonne, I can't wait to hear you speak tomorrow! :)

  2. I would LOVE to hear you speak!!! But I'm too far away! So happy and thankful to read this great update about Jon and that you have had some good help at home!

  3. Glad he is doing well! Did you get my email?
    Haylee Adamson