Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guest Blog

What can happen when one little boy (from a broken home) who's nickname was "Trouble," turns 180 degrees and goes the Right direction?
55 years later a white haired soon to be senior citizen, and new father of a family of five children can answer that question.
Kids have the amazing potential to impact our world - for better or worse.
5 years after being adopted at the age of 5 this young boy proceeded to burn down a church yet God interrupted his life by speaking to him when he knelt at an alter and asked God to forgive him. At the same time he made a deal with God if He ever wanted him to do anything just ask.
That's where things got interesting. God did speak to him that night and called him to be a missionary.
Now 50 years later that missionary, still hears God speaking to him and both he and his wife Sandy minister to thousands of impoverished children where they currently live in the Philippines. They feed malnourished kids thousands of meals annually, plus Help to provide free clean water, medical and dental services, school supplies, and meet other needs as they in turn teach the children how to have a personal relationship with their Creator. That ministry is called Family Circus Children's ministry. More information and stories are available at our website: or by following Darrell Blatchley on FaceBook.



 Thank You for investing in eternal lives!!!
The above was a guest blog from the new dad of 5 kids!  Some pictures from their recent FIRST time dentist  trip.   You can follow their ministry at the above link or follow him on FB!  I'm sorry I could not make the pictures larger, somehow our font didn't work well together. 

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