Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Well .....guess who preached our Easter Service?  Jon of course!  Only 3 weeks after a heart attack and open heart surgery!  I was not sure it was the best idea but he did great and it didn't wear him out like I was afraid it would. 

 Before church....we almost fill a pew

There he goes....

Back where he belongs :)

Daddy and Sam
The whole gang

And the cutest couple in the world!~
 We really like Steve's girlfriend. She's a great girl!
 So this Easter wasn't filled with decorating the church or doing an egg was different but Easter is really probably my favorite Holy day.  I have more memories of Easter as a child, even the songs we sang than I do of Christmas.  This year we sang some of the old timeless hymns and it reminded me of family and friends who are no longer with us but who I've celebrated Easter with in years past.  You know every religion has holy days, days commemorating the birth of its leader.... Christians have a holiday remembering Christ's death, burial and RESURRECTION!  
This picture of Sarah is probably one of my absolute favorites ever.....  I'm going to put it on a canvas.

Last week I was able to take Sam for a cleaning and he did so good.  He giggled the whole time and charmed the office.  Sam has some serious teeth issues- his bottom teeth are coming in sideways!  We've seen a few specialists and no one is quite sure how to proceed.  No one thinks braces will work for him since he would be uncomfortable & he bites his fingers/wrists at times.  Right now we are having one more appointment- but are looking at removing a few teeth to see if that will help.   Sam has great teeth-no cavities but he's had some odd issues.  He didn't get any teeth till he was about 2 years old.  Then he didn't lose any baby teeth until he was about 10.  He still has most of his baby teeth and the x-rays seem to indicate it will be years before he will lose all the baby ones.   Every dentist is perplexed by how his teeth have grown so slowly.  


And from the same day
Sam and his much loved horse!
I hope my Winter Haven Friend who sent this to them sees this picture.  Sam loves this horse- Horse- it is always beside him.  If he is playing with another toy, he still has it out beside him.  I know it was probably meant for Sarah but Sam loves Horse!



Hope you are having a Happy Easter!  Remember Christ is risen!  Our Hope!

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