Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

A bit of a crazy day around here.  Selah didn't have the best night so I called her doctor and got her a new pain relief med.  It seems to have done the trick but it made her throw up just a little at first.  It's strong stuff.  So this morning I was trying to get that ordered and kids bathed and ready for church.  Then once I got everyone ready and we are at church (minus Selah, her nurse and Steve who was sent to town for the new meds) Sarah decided to have "an accident".  LOL  Well happy Mother's Day to me! 

That's the reality of being a mom!! Puke, pee and poop!  LOL

But I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!!!!

Steve picked me up a Mother's Day present while he was out.....

He got me a Pepsi, Cheetos, 3 bags of bubble gum and the sweetest card with a gift card for Olive Garden in it!  He knows his Mama!!!!   As you can see, the Cheetos bag is open!!!!!  So is the Pepsi:)  

Some family came over and we got take out from Sonny's BBQ for lunch and just had a good time talking and laughing together. 

So we've had a good but crazy day over here celebrating being a mom! 

As I have said many times, I was never a "kid person", never felt drawn to kids....then I had Steve and everything changed.  I'm still not a "kid person" but I love my kids and like most teenagers LOL  I never ever dreamed I'd have 5 kids.  If and when I ever thought about children, it was extremely abstract and certainly no more than 2 kids.....  But they are my biggest blessing in life.  I love them, they are worth everything we had to go through to get them whether it was fertility drugs, NICU stays, adoption and all the paperwork and plane rides (which I hate more than labor!)  All five of them have a story....all five of them are the best gifts I could have ever been given on this earth. 

Hope you are having a good day whether you are a mom or not....I know Mother's Day can be hard on some women.  I never cared much for the celebration before and even now have real concerns for some women on Mother's Day.  If this is a hard day for you, I'm sorry.  Life can be hard and hearts tender at times. 

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  1. Happy Mothers Day, Yvonne. That's so thoughtful and sensitive of you to point out that Mothers Day can be very difficult for some women. Today is the third Mothers Day I've experienced without my mother or my only child. They both passed away in Dec. 2012, three weeks apart. It's a good day to celebrate that they were part of my life -- that they lived and loved and were blessings to me -- but it's a hard day, too.
    Hugs, JEB