Friday, May 29, 2015

Party Pictures


Shad thought that picture was so funny so he wanted to make a face too

Last night we had a blast celebrating our niece's 18th birthday!   It seems unreal that she is 18, I still remember the day she was born.  We were living in New Jersey after leaving our ministry position in NYC.  Jon was helping to start a new Teen Challenge but the guy he was working with was a mess.  He had a good reputation in a sense but obviously was having issues at that time.  Unfortunately since then he got involved in drugs and has now died.  I say all of that to give a little bit of the background, we were not happy at the time.  After getting the call that Anna had been born (and in quite a hurry too) I KNEW I wanted to come back to Florida, I felt we were missing out on too many things with our family.   Within 6 weeks, we loaded up and moved home!  YEAH!  And then I got some snuggles with my beautiful niece who was an adorable baby and a wonderful young lady!.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach!  I'm a beach girl, could live on the beach, love the smell and even the sand.  Steve who is not a beach boy is going to work LOL and our wonderful babysitter is keeping the little ones, so Jon & I will just have Shad.  A part of me is so happy to be spending one on one time with Shad but I'm a little sad that Steve is not coming.  But he'd rather work than go to the can that boy be mine?  We are thinking of going to Honeymoon Island and taking the ferry to Caladesi Island.  It'll be fun. 

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Sarah's shirt is adorable! Your girls have much better wardrobes than me. (Of course, I know you do a lot of thrift-type shops.)

  2. That sweet Ukraine looking shirt was on sale at Target. I do a lot of thrift & consignment store shopping but I have to admit I love buying for the girls after 19 years of boys!!!!