Friday, May 15, 2015

Therapy and Programs

Sitting at the library with Sam as he does a new video from GemIIni  We did over 40 views to the first video.  This one is much easier on my nerves LOL although the same funny children and ticked off older ballerina are still with us.  Sam is in 7th heaven watching this. So we down load it at the library and then he can use it on the App.  I can't wait (just 4 weeks and a few days) till we move and have good internet service!   He seems to love this program.  We have noticed two things since he started just two weeks ago. First he is making the B sound and he is babbling more over all.  I'm very glad we are trying this and would recommend it to everyone who have nonverbal kids.

 Although I have to say I'm about over the on line discussion board.  People get so obsessive about things.  There was a discussion about parents who leave the program because they feel it doesn't seem to help their kids and I had to sarcastically laugh at some comments.  For the record my comment was I think it's a good program but it probably won't help everyone. I'm realistic yet hopeful for all my little one with any therapy or program.  I think this might be a "key" for Sam and I'm committed to do it exactly as they recommend for 6 straight months then I will reevaluate.   But some of the comments just made me roll my eyes.  One person wrote something along the lines of "every child has potential in all areas."   I'm realistic enough not to believe that.   Having three differently disabled kids, I realize some things will never be able to be accomplished by them.   I don't expect Sarah to be potty trained, that doesn't mean I'm not going to try but I'm also not going to freak out about it.   Some things help some kids.  And some children are never going to be able to do some things even if you have 24/7 therapy for them AND THAT'S OK!!!!!!

While I always want to make everything accessible for our three little ones and give them the chance to see if a particular program or therapy might help them, IF that therapy or program doesn't help them, that's ok. 

In the Special Needs world, parents are desperate to help "fix" their children.  I get that, we've spent a lot of money to pay for things that insurance won't pay for our kids.  The most expensive was HBOT (Hyperbaric  Oxygen Therapy)  I do not regret trying it for Selah.  With HBOT, I met people who were crazy wild eye believers.....when I see that, I get suspicious. 

If anyone tells me the way to "fix" the kids is to do one specific therapy, my eyes begin their roll.....
When we did dolphin therapy, the therapist was NUTS!  She felt that it would change Sam's life, we saw no change with him.  We did enjoy the experience except for the weirdo therapist.  She was so sure that Dolphin Therapy alone would make Sam was uncomfortable. 

So I see that in so many therapies.  Even when he was small we went to a therapist who wanted him to do "suit therapy" ( I think that is what it was called)  It would have involved him wearing an astronaut type suit for hours daily.  It was just too crazy for me and since I felt pressure to do it, I just left and found another therapist. 

One thing I've observed over the years is watch how my child's emotions are in therapy and how a therapist treats my child.  I've always refused to let my child cry in therapy and I've certainly never allowed a therapist to be mean to them.  So if my child is crying, I will intervene.  In my opinion, therapy should not upset a child.  That is not a good thing for a child to associate therapy with!  Now of course my kids have a lower understanding of things and I do not feel they try and manipulate, especially back when Sam was a baby or when the girls first got home.  Sometimes Selah has cried in physical therapy because she is having her muscles stretched out and it hurts!  But our therapist then stops and massages her legs. 

Right now Sam is misbehaving a little with one of his teachers, I think because she is new and younger, she just hasn't quite learned him enough.  But it's something we are working on with him.  He is misbehaving and throwing toys then laughing.  But when he was three, he did not have the ability to be "bad".  He responded more like an infant.  NOW he realizes he can disturb therapy if he is bored.  I actually love it because I think he is growing in his understanding. 

Anyhow if I'd give anyone any advice this would be it.....No ONE thing will solve your child's learning, delays, diagnosis problem.  Try things, try therapy, programs, teachers, look for the right doctors....but in the end, just love and accept your child just the way he or she was wonderfully made! 

If Sam never says anymore words, if Sarah never walks, if Selah never changes......we're are still going to love, accept and have a happy family with things JUST the way things are!!!!! 

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