Sunday, May 31, 2015

Caladesi Island/Honeymoon Island

We've been going to Honeymoon Island for years but never took the ferry from it to Caladesi Island.  We finally did yesterday and it was great! 

The ferry is near the entrance to Honeymoon Island off the Gulf of Mexico.  It's $14 per adult and $7 per child for the ferry ride which takes about 20 minutes each way.  Once on the island, there is a bathhouse and a concession stand.  From the dock to the beach is a short walk on a nice pathway.  You are given a return time of 4 hours.  We left a little early and had no problem getting on the earlier ferry. 

It was absolutely beautiful -we saw dolphins, little crabs and a large crab that Shad and I chased in about 3 foot of water until it got away from us.  The water was so clear. 

Honeymoon Island is great too and is accessible by car over a causeway.  It's $8 per car but we keep a Florida State Park pass because we love the Florida parks! 

It was just Shad, Jon and me.  I believe this is the first time we've done something with just Shad.  Of course I've gone places with just Shad and so has Jon but I think this is the first time we've done it together and focused just on Shad.  He loved it and so did we and we all had a great time.  Steve was a work and the little ones with their babysitter and Selah with her nurse. 

Here are some pictures of our day.




What a fun day.  I was just thinking today of how blessed I've been to have these five kids, at all the different stages and despite all the things that have happened to us.  We are blessed!!!!!!!!!

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