Saturday, August 15, 2015

College Bound!

Well this was THE day....

Here's some highlights of his "going away"  party last night

 Some of his gang :)

Jon and Steve. Jon gave a little speech and a short prayer.  We had to be careful not to cry:)
And yes all that pizza was eaten!


The car was all packed.  

We've had such a good time getting ready for him to go and doing planning/shopping, it was a bit of a shock to realize he was actually GOING AWAY!
We got there and got him all moved in.  Then it was off to do all the "stuff".  Here he is getting his ID card made. 
 We ate lunch at the cafeteria. 
It was like a family reunion, we ran into so many old friends.  FUN!
It's comforting to see our old college friends who like us, are entrusting SEU to educate their kids too. 

Obviously someone got a full belly!
Then off to the bookstore for books....Shad went back to sleep!

Several of his classes had "on line books" that were cheaper.  So he ended up that all his books cost less than $100.  And that was a good thing!  We weren't expecting to have to pay for them today.  Back in our day, they just went on our bill!!!!  Steve paid for his books and for all his stuff for collage.  He bought his laptop, sheets, towels, fridge....he is very proud that he did it all for himself.  

The library where I worked for several years- I also worked in the café but in the old one not the new one.

Beautiful trees by the chapel
One of the many places I lived on campus many years ago. upper right hand side.
(that's not where Steve is living!)
Steve in his dorm room


All tucked in before we left    LOL
So like I said, I've had fun planning for him to go to college.  I even ironed all his clothes and packed them nicely.  We went shopping together. Of course we have been working on scholarships etc....  So it was all fun and games....UNTIL  it was time to leave!
I'd even compared him going to college to our cat getting tired of her kittens.  Our cat Gladys that had all the nice kittens for us was a great mom but by the time they were as big as her and still trying to nurse or bother her, she'd hit them on the head, hiss at them, kick at them with her feet and try and get away from them.  I kept kidding Steve about taking over his nice room and having one less mouth to feed....and comparing him to the kittens. 
It didn't seem real that he was actually leaving!  And while we are thrilled with his decision, it's hard when we realize we won't see him every day anymore or get to say good night every night.....
As you know if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, Steve is an amazing guy in many ways.  The three of us have been extremely close.  With the big age difference with the younger kids, it's often seemed like the three of us were the adults.  Steve's walked with us through some awful days and through everything good and bad, we've been together.  Now knowing that some of that has changed, is very sad for us. 
When we got everything done, we were just sitting around in his room.  Knowing that the "good-bye" was coming was making me sick on my stomach.  I'm not sure he was quite ready for us to leave but I couldn't handle it anymore!  Saying goodbye was HARD!  We did a group hug and Jon and I were sobbing.  Steve was handling it better but his eyes were pretty glassy.  When we left to walk to our car, I just had tears rolling down my face.  Luckily we'd parked in an area where there wasn't too much traffic so I could get to the car without embarrassing myself.   Then Jon and I cried off and on all the way home. 
Now before anyone laughs at me....I get to go pick him up next week for an dentist appointment!!!  YEAH!!!!!!
We are very glad he's less than an hour away but he's still not with us daily! 
I feel like I'm a real mom now, I've gone through all the stages with a child.....while Steve is always welcomed to come home, he is now stepping out on his own.  (And I'm serious about the fact he can always come home!!!!  BELIEVE ME!!)
Yesterday was Selah's 11th birthday. 
She was almost asleep when we came in for the traditional picture with my three 11 year olds.  The three of them are the same age for 6 weeks until Shad has his birthday.   Selah did not appreciate being bothered at all.  She did give Jon a great present, he came in her room earlier and she turned to him immediately and seemed fascinated with him.  She always loved her daddy.  When no one else can get a response from her, he always can and it was like that from the beginning. 

And today was three years since the accident.....that fact did not escape our thoughts despite everything else that was going on.  When I realized Steve was going to leave for school on THE day, to be honest it freaked me out a bit.  But then I realized that God got us through that day and would get us through this day also! 
We are so grateful that Selah is very aware of things, and very stable.  She's not been sick for over two years now and the only reason she's been in the hospital was because of hip surgery.   She is making slow but steady progress in many areas.  She has not regressed in any area.   She tracks objects and people now continually.  In fact her neurologist is seriously considering changing her status from "persistent vegetative state" to  "minimally conscious "   That might not sound like a big deal but it really is!   When you add in the institutional autism that she had before the accident, it is amazing how responsive she is.  She lifts her head and moves it on her own.  AND she has been responding  by moving her hands and arms on command consistently. 
Well it has been a long day.  If you think of us, you are more than welcomed to say a prayer for all of us, for all the different things we face.  One thing is Steve has received grants and several smaller scholarships including one for $1000 that he was just awarded yesterday but he still has a balance on his account.  He will be working but even with that, he may have to take out loans and that is one things we'd like for him to avoid if possible.  We are still hoping for another scholarship so please pray that it will all work out for him.   We are so proud of him for all the scholarships he's gotten and all that he has paid for so far.  He is really handling things himself and being very responsible. 


  1. Congrats to him and his new journey! My oldest will be a senior in high school this year and I am already getting nervous!