Friday, August 7, 2015

Working At The Carwash!

With our son leaving next week, I've been trying to get all kinds of errands out of the way before he leaves.  Today I was determined to wash our vans and vacuum them out.  Since we had all that rain and live on a dirt road....this is what one van looked like

it looked much worse "in real life".  

So today Steve and I cleaned both vans out inside (like getting up all the change, taking out the diaper bags and restocking wiping everything down)  and off we go to go to fill them up for the week and wash/vac them 

That's when our adventure began....
I paid for one car to fill up, then our bank automatically rejected the next payment.  So I went inside....with my hair up in a pony tail, old tshirt and shorts on, old flip flops....I wasn't dressed to go in anywhere!  The guy overrode it and the transaction went through.  I paid for the cars to go through the car wash there since they were so dirty. 

The car wash.....
Steve takes the grey van through as I wait in the blue van....
it doesn't work.  He comes out and asks me to go back in and tell the guy something is wrong.  Guy gives me another code and tells me a "trick" on how to make it work.  I go get in the car with Steve to "help' him.....  it doesn't work.  So Steve tells me to get out and go tell the guy that it doesn't work....we are IN the carwash.  So I dither about opening the door assuming that the carwash will start the second I open the door and I'll get caught in it and end up on the cable news shows.....  Finally I jump out and run out of the carwash and tell the guy it's not working.   He's a funny little he comes back with me and resets the whole system...  It works!!!

Then Steve decides we should get Subway sandwiches which has a kiosk in convenience store, so while he is taking the other van through, I order us food.  I'm feeling so self conscious in my old clothes, no shower, hair up in a ponytail....of course part of the football team and some cops were there....I'm sure they are all thinking "bless her heart".  

The order gets placed and the card is declined....
30 minutes later I get someone on the phone from the bank that clears it all up, we get our food and drive away.  We had planned on vacuuming the cars out there, but had no cash and couldn't use the card for it since they don't do "cash back"

So then we go to another gas station....It takes credit cards at the vacuum/air pressure machine....YEAH!....  then we start looking around for the vacuum wasn't there....  this time Steve goes inside and the worker comes out to help us.  She couldn't make it magically appear, some one had stolen the vacuum hose!  the huge hose, someone had cut it off.  For what reason would someone steal that?  So then she went off to call the Po-Po....we left to go eat our food and give up for the day!


The rain quit and the county has been out grading our dirt roads (that means they've been fixing them and smoothing them out with a plow)  That has made all of us around here happy!  The waters are receding some around us, our yard is almost dried out but not our parking area.  Our neighbor can now use his driveway.  However it looks as if the river is higher than ever today!

Since last week I've not felt good, by Monday I felt so weak, was nauseated and had chills.  I honestly wondered if I was having a heart attack or something.  It felt like my limbs had weights on them.  By Monday night I started getting symptoms of a bladder infection. Thankfully there is over the counter meds and that got me through a miserable night.  I was at our doctor's by 8am the next morning.  Evidently I have a really bad kidney/bladder infection.  I'm on some strong meds and they are helping a lot but I don't have a lot of energy and am still taking pain killers. This was a warning to me to go to the doctor if I feel odd.  Since I didn't have typical symptoms for a few days, it could have gotten really bad for me and I could have ended up in the hospital.  People can die of infections like this and not even really know what is wrong until it is too late.   So don't put off going to the doctor if something is "not right"

Well I hope everyone has a great healthy weekend!!!!!

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