Saturday, August 8, 2015


First I have to brag on Shad!
The percussion group he is in, Rhythms of Grace won THRID place in National Fine Arts!  They got a superior status also.  The five of those kids and their director Rodney Probasco put in hours of work.  Three of the kids, including Shad were new to the group this year. 

Shad will be home tomorrow and we've missed him but he's had a good time.

Well you know it's been quiet around let me stir up things!

Donald Trump

What do I think about him?  I find him totally refreshing even his "mean" remarks. I love that he doesn't apologize or kiss anyone's butt, he doesn't run up after people and try and curry favor either.   Personally I'm so tired of politically correct people that I like when Trump says something that is NOT PC!  You have no idea how I HATE PC!  PC is not something I do.  But the majority of the world does and it drives me crazy.  I know people who believe strongly about certain things but they don't have the backbone to tell anyone else (but me it seems)  Political Correctness makes my skin crawl.  I hate it in any arena, from politics to church, wherever it shows it's ugly head.  One of my friends recently wrote on FB that I would never be accused of being politically correct!  LOL  And that's true. 

He dished it out to Rosie but she's a big girl and can take it after all the ugly things she has said of him and others.  This newest statement about Megyn Kelly could be taken several ways, the first time I heard it, I really didn't think he meant her period.  It's a statement that could have been made to a man.  People get so crazy today, they want to censor and read into every single word that is spoken or in this case tweeted.  Now he could have meant it the way some are taking it but so what?   (BTW, Megyn interviewed Jon and me years ago when we had bank robbers living next door to us) 

It seems that the media wants to portray Trump as part of this "war on woman"    I'm funny, I'm pretty traditional as far as roles go BUT I also worked a career job for years in the criminal justice field.  I didn't expect to be treated any different than a man at work.  When some woman can dish it out and works in a cut throat business, then they need to suck it up and not be expecting people to handle them with kids gloves.  So I'm not at all about a "war on woman"   There was some statement Trump made about a contestant on his show being "on her knees"   I'm guessing that that is being made into a sexual reference because she is a woman.  He could have easily said that about a man NOT in a sexual way but just meaning he beat the person out. 

I have no idea who I will vote for in the election.  I like Trump's brashness but truthfully he doesn't make me feel "safe" He didn't answer all the questions in depth but none of them really did.   But I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he has the Republican establishment bleating out dire statements about no one voting for him while his numbers are double digits above anyone else in the poles LOL!!!!!!

Just know I will NOT be voting for Clinton LOL!  And I will have to start drinking IF I have to vote for another dang Bush.  I've said I'm not voting for him but if it's between Bush and Clinton I might have to-YUCK!

 Ben Carson is just wonderful in so many areas.  We actually got to hear him speak a few months ago and he is fantastic.  Rick Santorum I like, just bought his book today, "Bella's Gift".   Ted Cruz I like, Mario Rubio is sooooooo cute :)   And he helped us to expatiate the girls' adoption. 

But Trump is the most fun!   This election year will be long, at least we have someone stirring up the pot!  Could you see an election between him and Biden????   OMG- the two of them would make so many gaffes!!!   Actually an election between him and Clinton would be fun to watch too.  She's such a loser in so many different ways. 

Did anyone notice in the debates how ALL of them refused to answer the questions directly?  That drives me crazy!  I'd vote for any candidate that would answer a question with a simple YES or NO!!  They answer with the stupidest long answers that make no sense whatsoever!  I feel like dousing them all in cold water LOL!  The interviewer is like " So do you think we should do __________?  the candidate is like " My favorite color is purple and my grandfather was a coal miner and I like dogs...."   Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!   They should have shock collars on their neck and get a shock if they didn't clearly answer the question.  Trump included! 

Road Trip with Steve again today.  Hey I'm making the most of every minute since we are dropping him off at college in one week from today!  We went to Brandon to get his IPhone fixed and I got to take some stuff to my favorite consignment shop.  We had a really good time going to the mall, eating Chinese and I browsed through the bookstore as he was getting his phone fixed.  Even though we are on a tight budget.....don't let me in a bookstore!  I got one of my favorite murder mystery author's book - Rhys Bowen "Her Royal Spyness"  As I mentioned before I bought Rick Santorum's book "Bella's Gift"  I was skimming it in the store and had to stop as tears were welling up in my eyes.  They express our feelings for our little ones.  It brought me back to the first days of Sam's life and all the uncertainty about diagnosis and prognosis, very moving book.   Also I got Jon a coffee table book on Johnny Cash by Life Magazine.  His dad grew up in the same tiny town as JC and Jon's uncle was a close friends of JCs. 

He deserved a treat cause Jon took care of the kids last night thank God!  We got take out and let Sam drink quite a bit of sweet tea.  Well it was late and he obviously can't handle his caffeine LOL  He fell asleep on me but woke up about 1 am.....until about 6 am.....  He was making his happy sounds...LOUDLY.  Our new house is wonderful but as large as it is, it is so echoing.  So he woke Sarah up.  Both of them managed to wet their beds.  It was a long night for Jon.  I woke up after all the work was done but I can sleep through anything and so I went right on back to sleep!  I'm a great mom and I'll stay up all night with a kid if necessary BUT don't let me go to sleep, then it's like I am drugged!   Both Sam and Steve slept through the night after we brought them home from the hospital.  Of course Sam had alarms on him so when that would go off, it would get me up.  But I was blessed never to have a kid that didn't' sleep through the night till last night!  Sam was very happy just lying in his bed and laughing but  NO MORE CAFFEINE!


  1. I guess I have a different opinion of politically incorrect versus speech that is mean,crass, and degrading. The things he has called some woman are definitely the latter. His comments about Megan were crude, and would never have been said against a man. Granted Trump would have probably come up with something equally as mean and degrading. Politically incorrect would be referring to your children as handicapped versus individuals with a disability. Calling them a Retard or GORK is mean, cruel, and unacceptable. My opinion of many of Trumps comments definitely fall in the second category. It doesn't matter if an individual can "take it," the issue is that no one should have to take it. I do agree that none of the "Contestants" on Thursday answered the questions. That drives me nuts.

    1. I must be politically incorrect, I use the term handicapped all the time in regards to my kids and to other folks.

  2. Donald Trump also said of John McCain, “He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

    This was not a misquote. This was not a quote taken out of context. This was something Trump said and then vigorously defended.

    Here's an excellent article detailing what Trump was up to while McCain spent five years being tortured in a POW camp (spoiler: doing a lot of drugs at a lot of parties while driving a lot of fast cars and dating a lot of models):

    I don't understand how anyone who calls themselves a patriot can defend Trump after he revealed (and then doubled down on!) his total disrespect for the servicemen who gave years of their lives -- and, in many cases, their actual LIVES -- to defend him while he used his father's money to live like a debauched Roman emperor. John McCain refused release from the 'Hanoi Hilton' multiple times because he didn't want to be used by the VietCong as a tool of propaganda against America. This, despite being starved and having his limbs repeatedly broken. Yet Trump says he's not a hero. And this is a man who wants to be our President? No thanks. I'll take someone who's willing to fight FOR our veterans, not take cheap shots at them via the media that he claims to despise!

    1. I respect McCain for his war record and for standing strong during a hard time. But I do not care for him as a politician. Please remember McCain started that whole fight by calling the 15,000 people who had gone to hear Trump speak "crazies" That was never there were some vets in that crowd of 15,000

      Trump has never attacked anyone that did not first do something to him at one time or another.

      I don't think Trump is perfect and Im not sure I'd vote for him but I like that he doesn't have a PC filter

    2. That sounds like what the kids I work with say when they get in trouble..."She hit me first!" "He made me do it!" "She took my toy!" Just because you're provoked, doesn't mean you're not responsible for your behavior. And can't all the things you say you like about Trump -- his straightforward, shoot-from-the-hip attitude, his readiness to say exactly what he thinks -- be said about McCain, too?

      At the end of the day, Trump's comment about McCain was disproportionate. It was also, no matter how you slice it, a HUGE slap in the face to American servicemen. I have many friends and loved ones in the military, and I hope that our elected officials would honor their sacrifices instead of equating being a prisoner of war with a lack of heroism. Given what I've read of your blog, I actually think we agree on our support of the military...which is why I'm so confused that you're defending Trump's remarks about McCain. You can like what a candidate does for your party, and appreciate their manner and performance in the debates, without standing behind everything they've ever said.

    3. I agree with you about the military & I do respect that aspect of McCain. I agree Trump shouldn't have gone there. He should have stressed what McCain called the people at the meeting & dealt with THAT. His war record shouldn't have been brought up

  3. What would happen if Trump did become President. He would be speaking with world leaders from around the world & with his past, you know he would say something very offensive. We can't have a fool in the whitehouse. Our country is already looked upon less than it was years ago.