Monday, August 24, 2015

Thinking about Heaven

Back when Selah was in the hospital, I "discovered" YouTube.  I had hours and hours of sitting by her bed so I found time I'd never had before to watch videos and listen to music.  I found a church, Van Buren Assembly of God in Arkansas that put out a lot of videos of their choir singing.  They sang the "old time gospel" songs that really ministered to me during that time.  They also had some sermons of their pastor preaching.  The church was "old fashioned Pentecostal" but at the same time very theological sound (sometimes you just don't get both LOL) 

This morning I saw a friend had posted one of  Pastor Bobby Johnson's sermon.  It was on Repentance, not something you hear many sermons about anymore.  My friend stated that Pastor Johnson had passed away.  I listened to his sermon and it was outstanding and I'm quite the sermon critic....    At the beginning and near the end, the Pastor said "If this was to happen to be the last Sermon I ever preach, this would be the sermon I would want to preach!"   As I was watching it, I realized that it was a current sermon as he spoke of things going on in the world right now, so I looked and saw that Pastor Johnson preached this YESTERDAY!   It was his last sermon and it is worth the listen.....just think, now he is in the presence of God, such an amazing thought after such a sermon.    this is the link.  You can also find many of the choir songs on vbfatv.

Just really made me think.....

At one point today I was alone with Selah for a little while.  She was asleep.  Sarah was fussy so I brought her in with me and sat rocking her by Selah's bedside.  It was a sweet quiet time, not one I have too often.  I turned on this video  (one of that church's songs)  Its an old song about heaven, we used to sing when I was a child.  Tears just started flowing as I thought of my daughters who both will be whole then.   Neither of them will be in wheelchairs, they will walk, talk and see.....   It's going to be a grand day for me in so many ways.

I know most people think about heaven, but I'm not sure how many people anticipate it like I do.   Suffering in this life, will make a person look forward to that day where every tear will be wiped away.   When I think of heaven now, one thing I think about is seeing my children healed and meeting my twins.....I have a lot to look forward to. 

BTW, this service is just what I grew up going to. 

I like all kinds of music but what speaks to my heart the most is the older hymns.  Recently I heard a minister say that whatever songs where being song when a person became a Christian was usually the music that spoke the most to their hearts.  It's true, I became aware of God as a child and these are the songs, I knew and sang and even to this day, they speak to me. 

So I'm thinking of heaven tonight....

There is a lot of shaking going on in this world right now in so many different areas, I think all of us should be thinking of repentance and of heaven.

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