Saturday, August 1, 2015

Juice Boxes

When I talk about Sarah, I always stress how easy going and pleasant she is...and she is!  BUT she has a stubborn streak a mile long in a few areas.  One of those areas is her drinking.  She absolutely will NOT drink from anything but a Capri Sun packet.  Publix was having a buy 1 get1 sale of another juice box last week so I bought a couple of cartons.  Since we have Sam drinking out of a Sippy cup all the time now, I even got the apple flavor which is Sarah's favorite.  It was a NO GO!  The best I did was get her to take small sips.  So I continued daily for 3 or 4 days to get her to drink from it.  Nope, only a few sips.  So I thought I'd give her sweet tea in a Sippy cup...Nope.  I tried everything, even going back to giving her drink by a large tablespoon and then switching back to the Sippy cup or to the new juice box.  Nope.....  She did let us give her her daily Pedisure shake by spoon)

I gave in!  Today I went and bought her the Capri Sun that she loves and she set down and drank two packets immediately with a smile on her face.  She won!  (btw I get the one that is 100% juice)   

Usually I never give in to a child but when the child is non verbal and not drinking as much as I think she should, I give in.  She always had wet diapers and gets lots of fluids through her food since it is all pureed with additional water or broth.  But I worried about her. 

We think she just likes the feel of the Capri sun packet.  The other juice boxes have very narrow straws, although the sippy cup did have a larger straw.  I actually used a straw from the Capri Sun to put in the other juice box, it did not work!

My funny girl and her preference for the most expensive juice box on the shelf LOL!
But I figure after all she's been through, she can have the darn things!!!!


Continued Rain......I love rain and even I am beginning to wonder about this!   This morning I almost got stuck leaving our parking area.  The pillows on the front porch all got mildew, and had to be thrown away.   Our yard is full of water, since we have sod (thank you Habitat!) it doesn't look too bad till you start walking and the water covers your shoe!  Hopefully all this rain will just cause the trees and grass to grow and get roots. 

With the move, I've not done a garden, I miss it so much.  I can't imagine how a garden would grow this year, it's perfect weather for one!!!!!

Well the countdown is really on, two weeks from today Steve leaves for college.  Some of his high school friends are throwing him a good bye party tonight.  We are having one the week he leaves too.  (Even tho he'll be coming back a lot LOL)   It's getting way too real!  Yesterday we worked on emptying out the shed at our old house and it has plastic boxes of stuff....probably not the kind of stuff you need to go through when your first born is leaving home in a few weeks!  I went through his baby box...oh my......seems like yesterday.   We always had a sense of time passing us.....I can remember having a conversation when he was pre school about when he would start Kindergarten.  Since we were sending him to private school, we could have allowed him to start a year earlier because of when his birthday fell.  I was all for it UNTIL my husband reminded me that Steve would graduate a year sooner if we did that.  I still remember him saying "we want him with us as long as possible"   So we stuck with Steve going to school at the regular time for his birthday. 

The old saying "the days are long, but the years are short" are true, extremely true! 

Well hope you all are having a great weekend!  Stay dry and enjoy your family!!

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  1. Regarding the juice boxes and you "giving in", I loved this! When you said after all she has been through, my heart just broke. Dear Sweet little Sarah is so blessed to have you as her Mom, don't worry about giving in, you are so right where your children are concerned, just continue to follow your heart; God will bless your decisions because of the love you show to His little ones. Thank you for your sharing your life with us.