Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Schedule!

What a busy week.  The little kids started back with all their teachers.

This is our weekly schedule.....
10-12 Speech Therapy Sam and Sarah
12:30 - 1:30 Vision Therapy Selah
10-12 Speech Therapy Sam and Sarah
10-12 Physical Therapy Sarah and Selah
11:30- 3:30 Academics Sam and Sarah
10-11 Occupational Therapy Sarah
12-1 Physical Therapy Sarah
10-12 Physical Therapy Selah and Sarah
10:30-3:30 Vision Therapy Sam and Sarah

You might be wondering how we work it out when various therapies/teachers are here at the same time....we just figure it out as we go.  They work around food schedules, medicines, eye drops and diaper changes AND the occasional melt down (usually Sarah needing mommy)

It's just like having nursing in our home, it's a blessing but it's also an inconvenience, in the sense I feel my house has to be clean, I have to be dressed and at least have my teeth brushed LOL.  Generally I get up around 7 am, just to get things done before the teachers come.  Most days I have to give Sam and Sarah baths in the mornings so to do baths and feed them both breakfast, it takes about an hour.  For the record, I've usually got them all ready for the teachers on time, myself, not as much LOL.   Our nurses get Selah ready for her teachers. 

Of course, Shad leaves with Jon around 7ish to go to school.  Jon is able to pick him up in the afternoons for me.  That's a huge help!

So that was my week until Friday.....  Friday Jon was off and kept the kids while I got to spend the day with one of my best friends.  She and I were roommates in college so we visited our college (where Steve is now) and ate lunch with Steve, then toured the college.  She hadn't been back in years.  We got to see the communications lab, tv station and radio station where Steve will be working.  We also got to see the new Science building where Steve works as a  janitor. 

We recreated a picture taken about 30 years ago when we actually had to live one year in a corner of the boys dorm (where Steve lives now)  It was my sophomore year and I was quite aghast that we were moving to Bauer Hall!  The administration gave us girls one wing of the dorm with fire doors in between us and the boys.  The doors had HUGE locks on them, probably broke a few laws with the locks but heck back in the 80's you could get by with that!  They wanted to make sure there was NO way the boys could get to the girls!

I'm the one in the white sweat shirt.  Weren't we young and didn't I have a ton of eye make up on?????

Fast forward 30 years......
BTW Jan had the umbrella both times, she is always prepared!
What a blessing to have a friendship that has lasted all these years:)  So glad we ended up as roommates and have remained friends.
Walking around campus we were commenting on the "dress code".  Let's just say "back in the day" there were NO shorts, tanks, tight pants, shirtless guys, or strapless shirts!!!!   One of the last things I got in trouble for at college was running to my car in a pair of shorts.  Now the kids can go to class in shorts!
The students seemed so young, maybe because I have a son there but they are just so young.  We couldn't help but comment on how much of life -both good and bad- is ahead for them and they really don't have a clue, bless their hearts!  We both commented that we were quite glad we did not know ALL that was ahead in our lives back when we were in college.  

Anyhow our young college student came home for the weekend.  I cooked his favorite meals, shrimp jambalaya and steak with garlic potatoes.  I even had his favorite chips and salsa and gum LOL  I gladly did his laundry and folded it all for him.  I did everything but kill the fatted calf :)   He had a chance to go out with some local friends on Saturday night and to church with us on Sunday before it was time for him to go back to school.  I have to admit, I've not really had a hard time with him being gone but if he wasn't close enough for an occasional weekend home, I'd probably have a problem!!   Plus I'm so glad for texting and cell phones.  When we were in college, there was one pay phone per was very hard to get through on it.  I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that!!

So it was a busy week for us, as usual and I'm sure this week will be also.

We're a bit concerned about the aftereffects of the hurricane as we are supposed to get several inches of rain tomorrow.  Our road is almost underwater in one spot now.  We still have standing water in our yard in spots.  If we have a ton of rain, we may have some more problems.   Then I guess there is another one out in the Atlantic.  Just a regular August in Florida.  I love rain, but for the first time, I'm happy when it stops!  We actually went about 36 hours without rain this week, I think THAT was a record. 

Well I hope you have a great week ahead!  I'm hearing thunder right now.....we will probably have an interesting week!

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