Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Colonoscopy fun!

Well I've been having "fun". 

Since I've been in my 30's I've had to have colonoscopies.  Since I was a kid I had "stomach problems"  those problems began to dominate my life.    Back then I was a probation officer and there were times in court I'd have to run over to the bailiff and ask him to hold my case if possible as i ran to the bathroom!  There were some disastrous situations sometimes out on the road too!  After learning of a relative's death from colon cancer I decided to "get my butt to the doctor"!  So at about 34 I was found to have a polyp!   The Doctor told me that had I waited till my 40's it would have developed into colon cancer!  What a scare!  I was also diagnosed  with Irritable Bowel Syndrome & told to return in three years.   

Then on the very night we did our homestudy for Shad, I woke up to tremendous pain and bleeding.  Jon rushed me to the hospital.  The diagnosis was acute colitis.  It kept me in the hospital for several days on IVs.  Actually I was quite relieved that it was only colitis based on all the blood!  I had thought I was dying. 

Since then during colonoscopies I've been told I had diverticulitis as well.  This is despite my improving diet!  Eating more plant based meals did help but a couple of years ago I added Benefiber!  Listen I could do a commercial for Benefiber-it has changed my life!  No more violent stomach upsets from constipation to diarrhea!  Just perfect poo!  LOL I know this is way too much TMI but so many folks espicially women have this problem, so if I can help someone out with my testimony I'm happy to do so! 

The past few months I'd been having some odd pain/pressure when I laying in bed.  It would come and go.  Eventually I had an ultrasound and CAT scan.  Everything was ok but the report mentioned that I had inflammation in my bowels and possibly Crohn's disease!   I did not think this could be correct so I went to the Gastro and of course he scheduled me for another colonoscopy (my normally scheduled one was only 2 years ago) 

So I did an ULTRA cleanse this time!  Lord I stopped eating solids at midnight on Saturday.  Sunday was our church's Christmas party after lunch.  I was sick to miss eating!  I went and fed the kids lol  
Then I had to start the meds on Monday and this was the worst it's ever been to me.  My doctor used a new prescription and boy it was rough on me.  I made it through but was sooooo sick and cold last night.  I'll spare you the details but let's just say I'm a pro at this and I was almost crying.  Between being hungry and all the other fun things I felt like I was pregnant.  I was quite HANGRY! (hungry/angry it's real)  

Anyhow I had the procedure today and was so dehydrated it took FIVE tries to get an IV going!  That has never happened to me before.  I got so upset but I held it in.  I was THRILLED to be put out to be honest!  LOL  Usually that part scares me but I felt awful and I knew after it was over I could drink and eat so I kept asking them when they were going to put me out LOL

Anyhow everything was fine!  I have the pictures to prove it and NO I'm not putting that on my blog LOL  The pockets of diverticulitis that have always been there are not even noticeable. No polyps!   The doctor is not sure what was seen on the CAT scan but did say I could have had a flare up (of course that's been two months ago by the time I could get an appointment to see him and then an appointment for the procedure!)  He actually told me that I can wait FIVE years to come back!!!!!!!!   WOW!  He told me that he recommends Benefiber and he thinks it's helped me.  He did do some standard biopsies but only because it's best practice.  He saw nothing that concerned him.  

So for 2 1/2 days all I did was dream about eating food!  Even on my way to the hospital I was dreaming about eating....however for the first time ever I was still feeling "sickly" after the procedure.  We did stop at my favorite BBQ place Sonny's and I got a child's plate of pulled chicken to go with a side of fried Okra ( I deserved it!)  and a sweet tea!  I could only eat a little of it.  The boys (we have an extra college boy with us this week) got pizza and I also had a small piece of it and that was it.  The only thing I want tonight is just water water and a Pepsi!  I'm still so thirsty.  I'm hoping and praying that in 5 years they will have a different prescription!  I have never felt so awful!  

BUT this is at least my 8th colonoscopy and although it was rougher than usual it's not any where near having to have surgery, chemo or radiation!!!  Or not surviving  Colon Cancer! So again let me encourage you if something is going on with you, please get it checked out!  If I had not gone to the doctor back almost 20 years ago I might not be here today!  If you are over 50 you should get screened for sure!  Doctors and staff are very professional, there is no embarrassment to the procedure and you are lightly asleep the whole time..  

Basically the day or days before (in my case) you can't eat solids and you have to drink some ungodly crap that will keep you in the bathroom.  The day of the procedure you show up, change into a gown, have an IV put in.  You're taken back to a small room.  they add a blood pressure cuff, a clip on your finger to check your oxygen level and three little stickers to check your heart rate.  A nice anesthesiologist will tell you to turn on your left side, bring up your knees and push something in your IV...  then you are out until you'rein recovery.    You'll have some gas and they will tell you to "let it go" which may go against your beliefs LOL then you'll talk to your doctor and go home!  That's it!  No big mystery - nothing much to dread.  My husband had no issue drinking the mixture down, I'm more picky so it was much worse for me but even still it's better than letting a problem turn into something awful!   I've never before had any issue afterwards but this time I was a little sick on my stomach still.  


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