Friday, December 15, 2017

Lettuce Lake Park

On my way to meet my friend for breakfast!

Y'all know we love to walk in the woods.  Jon wa off today so we had decided to go to a park that is very primitive.  It's called Dead River Park off 301.  We've been there before and like how few people are there and how far back it is in the woods.  We've seen lots of deer there.  Well it was still closed due to the last hurricane. 

So we went into Tampa to Lettuce Lake Park.  We've driven by there many times but never stopped.  It's only $2 to get in and the roads are paved.  There are bathrooms.  there is a boardwalk over the swampy area.  It's pretty but it's not our kind of walking!  Too many people there and we could hear the traffic & sirens which oddly stressed me out!  I like to be so far out that you can't hear traffic.  In fact at my house I don't hear traffic from the main road!  Silence is what I crave.  It refreshes me. 

But this might be a great place to visit if you'd like to see a bit of real Florida in the middle of a large city!  It's very kid friendly and all the paths are paved or wooden boardwalks, easy to push strollers on.  I prefer to walk on dirt.  Now I have issues with my heels and I've had to wrap both of my feet this afternoon! So paved paths are not a positive thing for me!  There is also a playground there.  When we first got there, there was a busload of 5th graders...loud 5th graders.  They left shortly after LOL  So yes I like a long walk deep in the woods!!! 

We coerced Shad into going with us.  He was not thrilled. 

On top of the tower

 Baby gator

Came back by and saw another turtle getting up on the log

So if you are in Tampa visit Lettuce Lake Park on Flecter Ave. just minutes from Busch Gardens.  For $2 a car load, it's worth it.  

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  1. Thanks for the great tip, Yvonne. We are going to be in Florida this month, and we have put this park on our list of visits!