Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Pictures

It is hard to take pictures of Sam and Sarah.  They don't understand why they have to be still and smile.  But today I got some of the cutest pictures of Sam!

He posed himself

Little businessman

I had to get a picture of Sarah and her Norway outfit.  It was quite chilly this morning so she opted for something warm!

I get to church early so Shad can go to Sunday School.  Then I can take pictures of the little ones before anyone gets there.  Sometimes if I wait till after church somebody might have an accident & require a costume change!  It happens.....

It is chilly today.  I went for a walk after lunch and was miserable till I hit about 2 miles then it was perfect.  I don't like to be hot but I don't like to be cold either lol.  I can NOT stand to wear heavy jackets or turtlenecks.  When we lived in NYC, I could hardly stand to button my jacket no matter how cold.  I get very claustrophobic-I guess living in Florida we aren't used to wearing much clothes LOL  It's even hard for me to wear long pants, it just seems like too much material on me.  Capri pants are ok but i generally live in skorts or shorts.

We celebrated Jon's birthday early today.  It was a little quiet since our oldest son wasn't here.  He has finals this coming week but worked as a camera op this whole weekend in Orlando  He works free-lance for a college friend of mine occasionally.  What really made me happy is he got the job on his own with them.  Only after he was hired did they realize he was our son!  He also works for two other companies free lance as well as weekly for the college in media services.  He stays so busy but he loves what he does.  This weekend his food and a hotel room was included.  He loves that!  I do too, I hate to worry about him out late driving!!

Well hope you have a great start to your week tomorrow!!

!!!!!!!  Our church took up an offering today for the Druz orphanage in Ukraine and we met our goal of $150 so they can be fully funded for Christmas!  !!!!  Our folks are so generous-we had to make up just a little out of another fund.  But I love their hearts.  I shared like 2 minutes about what we'd been asked to do and people gave even though they hadn't expected to have a new project today!  It is a blessing!

If you still would like to give to Life 2 Orphans please do there are other orphanages that need help!

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