Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Druzhhkovka Orphanage Christmas Cheer

We've been a part of the international adoption community for 12 years now.  My experience with Shad was good-everyone was pleasant and helpful.  My experience while adopting the girls and after has not quite been that good.  It has caused me to step back from much fund raising outside of the few ministries I know to be above board,  Several times I've given money to families who ended up not adopting the child I was raising money for.  That has been very disheartening for me.  The last few years I've mostly raised money within my church and friends for projects for orphans

Also the great need and hurt in the orphan world has taken my breath away and broken my heart.  It's so hard to do much to make a change.  We do have a good friend who runs an orphanage in Haiti that I've been able to partner with.  We have another friend who runs a ministry to street kids in the Philippians and our church denomination has an orphanage there also that we are involved with. . 

But I'm determined to get back to advocating more for adoptions & orphan care! 

So this blog is about Life 2 Orphans a humanitarian charity that helps the children left behind in Ukraine.  They have several programs.  Both of our daughters had individual caregivers who worked with them that were sponsored by Life 2 Orphans.  I think it made a huge difference in their lives! 

This Christmas as every Christmas Life 2 Orphans will be providing Christmas for children all over Ukraine who are in orphanages and institutions.  I've committed to give towards the orphanage that our daughters would be at if they still were orphans.  Because of the war their orphanage/mental institution was closed and the children/adults were all sent out to other institutions.  Most of the children I knew including Angela the girl we have supported for 6 years ended up at Druzhhkovka.  It is a very good place and many of the children I know have made great strides there. 

You can donate by going here

Or by mailing a check to
 Life 2 Orphans
6326 East Sandra Terrance Dr
Scottsdale AZ 85254

Our church will be taking up an offering on Sunday and I was able to send $200 from some funds I had already received.  I'd like to send another $150 there are about 300 children there so that's really about $1 a child!   I'd be so thrilled to hear of donations to them.  If you donate can you just comment and let me know?  I'll share how much our offering is on Sunday also.  I'd love to bless these kids.  Little things mean alot. 

Thank you for helping me reach out to orphans!

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