Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fall 2017

Look at me blogging two days in a row!!!

And y'all know we had a Cat 3-4 hurricane go right over our house didn't you?  That was "fun"  We were without electricity for 3 days.  Our big house generator decided to die on us too.  Evidently the condenser went bad !  For over 24 hours we didn't have water as we are on county water and they ran out of gas to fuel their generators.  We actually did quite fine as a family (plus we had Steve's college roommate) 

To be honest I slept on the floor with Sarah as the storm went over.  I woke during the eye of the storm because it got so quiet.  When the winds came back I did think our porch was gone but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it so I went back to sleep!  My husband says I must have a pure conscience.  I have slept through every hurricane we've gone through LOL  We didn't have any damage just limbs down.  We did have a dead tree removed hours before the storm hit.  We'd been on the company's list for awhile but they were amazing to get out and get it down before the storm!  I am sure we would have had issues with it had it not got taken down. 

Our nurses maintained their shifts thankfully.  We had to charge some of Selah's equipment in our cars but we worked everything out. 

I've lived through quite a few hurricanes but this one did get me anxious went I went to the store ahead of time and there was nothing on the shelves.  I buy in bulk so I didn't really need alot but I did buy us some comfort food that we don't usually keep at home LOL   When i got back from that trip I needed some type of anxiety pill!!!  I had to make myself calm down and quit freaking out.  cause I didn't have a pill! 

We discussed going to a shelter  but we were told years ago by our county's emergency management to shelter in place due to our circumstances.  The days leading up to the hurricane as the predictions for our area keep getting grimmer- I did contact them but the alternatives they gave us were not something we felt comfortable with doing.  Basically our family would have had to split up and that was not a consideration for us.  I prayed that we made the right decision and God gave me some peace.  Looking back I know we made the right decision and having gone through this monster we probably will always stay home.  We do have hurricane proof windows and that's a biggie. 

Here are some random pictures from this fall.....

Shad and me watching the eclipse.  We made friends with all the folks around us by letting them borrow our glasses. 

One of my BFFs- my college roommate and me waiting for the eclipse.  We had such a fun day!

While we were waiting Shad picked out his birthday present. A drone!  It's a really good one this is a picture of our backyard. 

Here's some pictures of our area.  Jon and I continue our walking/hiking  Our basic goal is 10,000 steps a day but we really try for 15,000.  He often hits it. 

This picture is not far from our house.  The "hill" is actually dug out of the ground where phosphate was mined.  It looks pretty doesn't it?

Leaving my neighborhood one morning

On a walk down our road.  Yes we live in the swamp and I love it

Near our house

So after having this kit for over two years...I FINALLY finished it with the help of the above pictured friend LOL  

We have some special moments on here
At 12 is our recent family picture
1 is a picture from our wedding of Jon's whole family
2 is Jon, Steve and me around Sam's crib the day after he ws born
3 is feeding the gators at Gatorland
4 is the moment I was handed Shad
5 is us in Hondraus
6 is Jon and me in Cuba
7 is us at Gettysburg
8 is us at Chimney Rock
9 a Halloween party 
10 is very precious to me
It's a picture of all the kids at Honeymoon Beach before the accident.  It was truly one of the happiest days of my life
11 the moment we met the girls! 

these are some wonderful memories
I'm so thankful for my family

Ok we have another kitten HOPS  We are still not completely sure of it's sex.  I think it's a boy.  Hops has a bob tail and is handicapped.  His back legs do not work normal.  He hops around and is adoreable.  I took him to the vet and it is a genetic thing that happen to bob tail cats sometimes.  overall he's healthy and we sure have enjoyed him.  He fits right in.  He has no idea he is handicapped LOL  He is very bold

Steve had his 22nd birthday.  He was busy so we went and took him lunch at college

Sam loves his big brother

Our beautiful alma mater & our son's school of choice:)

The next weekend was Homecoming 17
we have not gone in years but now that the little ones have respite care we were able to go.  
Banquet on Friday night

So fun to see folks that we hadn't seen in years!

Southeastern has a football team now and our son is the producer.  We watched him work for awhile.  Amazing to think I have a son doing this! 

Lots going on

He started as a camera op.  I'm pretty sure he likes working in his nice cool studio now LOL  Florida football is HOT!  I mean it's a good 90-95 degrees on the field!!!

There was a funny moment when I couldn't hear the announcer and I texted him to turn up the sound.  For some reason he and his crew thought that was hysterical :)

Thanksgiving weekend we all went for a walk in the woods

I found some new swings on line for Christmas.
Kids who are blind actually crave vestibular movement and they can get it by swinging.  
Since we finally have wonderful weather and the kids can be out every day I gave her her two new swings early 

Sam likes it too

She also got the green one on the left.  she likes it too but she likes her old swings also

This is the 3 of them at Urgent care last week.  I thought this picture was cute

Church a few weeks ago

I love Sarah's dress.  Thrift store find:) 

Selah at church in her new dress  She had just gotten out of the van and was processing everything.  Normally she is much more relaxed

Sarah playing with her favorite sound toy in her Christmas shirt and leggings 

Jon and I at a Christmas Banquet last night.

So just a few pictures of us to show y'all we are still alive and well!

When I first started my blog I really enjoyed blogging.  I just wrote for the heck of it-never really thought anyone much would read it.  Then it became an issue when we were adopting because of ALL the craziness that goes along with Ukrainian adoption.  Not so much the Ukraine government but other people in the adoption community.  I put it on private for quite some months.  

Then after the accident happened this blog became my way to put my thoughts down and to cry out to God.   But obviously there was so much I could not say because you never know how someone might take things.  

As time went by the reservations I had about the adoptive community grew-I withdrew myself from many groups and really kept my on line interactions with many people I actually knew in real life.  

There has been so many things that I've wanted to share but sometimes have felt I didn't have the words to share but I think I will be writing more in the future.  I write for my own self and maybe for my kids to read later on.  Sometimes I write because of the absolute madness in this world on so many levels.  If you want ot continue following me please feel free to. Thanks!


  1. I love following your blog and your self-honesty and true Christlike life. Thank you so much!

  2. Glad to see your post and everyone doing so well! I have followed your blog since your adoption of the girls. Always enjoy your updates and viewpoints. :)