Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Jon

Happy Birthday Jon!
A smirking Gingerbread man and a lemon cake is what you get LOL
He also got new cowboy boots and a giant coffeemaker and special spicy boiled peanuts.  We love boiled peanuts in the south!  

We have gone Gluten free/Low carb  99% at home- trying to be as grain free as possible and honestly it's not hard at home.  GF is actually easy!  Eating out is more of a challenge.  The challenge is most recipes are not low fat which Jon has to have.  I substitute unsweetened applesauce for oil or butter and it works pretty good.  And of course I use  egg whites instead of whole eggs.  We try everything to be as heart healthy as possible. 

Before Jon's heart attack the only cholesterol that was a little high was his triglycerides.  But since it was only a few points over, the doctor did not even push him to go on a statin.  Everything else was perfect no high blood pressure or sugar or anything out of whack.   Of course a week and half later he had a heart attack with five complete blockages....   That just makes me a "little stressed" 

Now he is on statin drugs, his cholesterol is very low.  His numbers are crazy low but for his situation that's how it has to be.  So I continue to do everything I possibly can to ensure he has a lot more birthdays!!! 

I think I still am in shock that my husband had a heart attack.  Knowing his family history he was so careful.  I can remember having a conversation with him when we first got married about eating healthy.  The only reason I thought about diet back then was to lose weight.  I didn't think about my health at all.  I loved anything fried! 

His dad's doctor had told the boys that they'd better be careful or they'd also end up on the operating table!  So he was determined NOT to do that!  On his dad's side there were 8 siblings I believe and all but one had heart issues and I think that was what they all died from.  Then Jon's younger brother had a heart attack in his 30's.  He had two male cousins die from heart related issues.  As i began cooking, I learned to cook healthier than how I was raised.... we loved fried food!  In 28 plus years of marriage I don't think I've fried more than maybe 10 times.  Sometimes a girl has to have fried green tomatoes!  I do have an air fryer now that is wonderful.  But that's healthy! 

When Jon had his heart attack and surgery I felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath my feet.  We did everything right!  We ate right, exercised like a fiend, watched blood pressure, sugar, weight....  His doctor said Jon's situation was unavoidable and probably Jon managed to put it off by 10-15 years because of his healthy life style.  He also said Jon survived a very serious situation because of his good lifestyle and the fact he had no other health issues.  The doctor said 99% of heart patients he sees are there because of poor life style choices. 

i don't think I shared on here but prior to the surgery, the surgeon told me it was very serious and an emergency surgery (they had planned to do the surgery the next morning)  He could not promise me that Jon would make it.  To say I was scared was an understatement, my legs shook.  I look back at some pictures we took just prior to all of that and I get stressed- we had no idea what was ahead! 

So I'm grateful for the almost two years that have passed since that day.  I'm really grateful the heart attack did not take place when we were staying in Ukraine adopting the girls or when he was alone in the woods on one of his hikes.  God was merciful to us. 

Because of everything we've gone through we tend to take health things very seriously!.  We go to all our check ups and if something seems off we get it checked out.  At this point I'm probably a hypochondriac!!!!    But I want to encourage you NOT to put off any medical issue you have going on!  Get it checked out!  Do all the screenings!  Eat healthy Exercise!  Walking is the best exercise and it's free and can be done anywhere!!!

And if you exercise all morning that's what you'll do in the afternoon!  LOL  Sarah will NOT keep socks on no matter how chilly buy she loved her fleeced shirt and pants. 

For his birthday Jon took Selah and her nurse to Orlando for a doctor's appointment.  Before we bought Selah a van I took her everywhere but I just can not drive her van.  It's so big and tall.  I knew this was going to happen but we got such a good deal on it, we just couldn't' pass it up.  I tried one time to drive it and I just could not do it!  Honestly I don't even like to ride in it!  But Selah absolutely loves her van.  It is very easy to tell, she relaxes and enjoys the ride.  It's easy to tell when she does NOT like something, and sometimes she'll be so upset at a doctor's appointment but when she gets back in her van, she is all relaxed and calm and the frowning face is gone. 

I'm thankful today that the terrorist attack was aborted in NYC! The terrorist was reported living in Brooklyn and came off the ACE subway line (that was our line when we lived there)  Last summer when we were in NYC we went to Penn Station to change the kids and change to a bus.  I saw a video streaming of the ground floor and people running and actually saw the bathroom we went in.  I have a vivid memory because believe me it was quite the production to change the kids there!!   Anyhow it's so sad to see the city we lived in, be terrorized! 

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you Jon....
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts, Yvonne, and
    the wonderful pictures.
    So good to hear that you have connected to Sarah's
    birth daddy. I bet his heart is full of thankfulness
    to hear that one of his is well taken care of and
    loved....I can't imagine what that would be like.
    We truly are blessed to live in a land that isn't
    raging with horrible conflict...At least not yet, anyway.
    Love your honesty in your posts..
    Love from NC