Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy 11th Birthday Sarah!


Our precious daughter turned 11 years old today.  We are so blessed by her.,  She is a true Joy in so many ways.  

Sometimes in our day to day life it's easy to forget the MIRACLE that brought us our girl.  I'm so thankful she is a part of our family.  She is precious.  

Recently I found this picture of Jon and Sarah at the airport the night we got home with them from Ukraine.  She was 5.5 years old and in a size 12 months outfit.  We adored her then and we still do!

Sarah is a girly tomboy.  Even though she doesn't walk, she is a tough girl.  She's built her upper arms up with all the swinging she does.  She loves being outside, loves her little pool or the beach.  She has learned to play with toys but she'd rather have me or her caregiver Ashley play with her during the day.  At night she wants to be on mine or Jon's lap as we watch tv.  She's all about the people she loves!  But if you're not part of her little group she tends to be very suspicious LOL

This morning before Jon went to work we opened most of her birthday presents  She wore a new outfit today.  Tomorrow we'll take her out to eat :)  Olive Garden her favorite place.

We love our girl and are honored to have her as our daughter.  We are grateful to her birth parents for the gift of her life!


So last night Sam got violently ill.  Jon and Steve rushed him to the hospital.  He probably had food poisoning.  We picked up some sandwiches and we assume that is what it was.  We were very concerned about his sugar going too low as he has had this issue before.  Thankfully he managed it and they gave him meds that has helped.  Today I've cleaned my house like crazy just in case it was a virus!  I hit 10,000 steps just inside the house LOL.  Steve Shad and Steve's college roommate did our yard.  We had a busy day!  But I had to write a birthday blog for my girl!  Now I'm headed to scrub the shower! 

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  1. Merry Christmas! Praying is was restful and blessed.