Monday, December 4, 2017

Mission Trip

Lord have mercy I have not posted since August!  Yes we are alive and well!  We've had a wonderful fall.  No real health concerns but the last three weeks everyone in our house has gotten sick.  Jon was admitted to the hospital for 4 days for an undetermined issue that started with chills and fevers.  While in there he also had a terrible rash on his leg.  He tested negative for everything in the world and they tested him for a few crazy things since we've been out to the country a few times in the past year or so.  He responded to the antibodics so we never really got an answer, all his bloodwork was good.  Then the next week Sam got sick, then Steve came home sick for Thanksgiving break...then Sarah, then Shad, then Selah....then ME!  I really thought I'd walk away unscathed LOL  but mine wasn't too bad.  It seemed each person was less sick than the preceding one....I guess we watered it down!

Today Selah was having a test at St Joe's Hospital.  We are hoping she will be eligible to have a Bacolfin pump installed.   She takes it orally for stiffness.  However Jon and our nurse got over there and the doctor decided not to do it as she had spiked a fever.  This has been such a long process- many appointments and issues have come up including having to buy a whole new life for her van.  (It wouldn't work one morning when we went out to take her to an appointment!)  I'm disappointed she wasn't able to have the test.  It requires a small amount of sedation so they can give her a shot in her spine.  So we will be rescheduling this. 

I PROMISE I will post more.....I've actually saved some pictures/videos to post....

But I want to share something very important to me.  Our oldest son will be going on his first foreign mission trip on his own with his college to Haiti this summer.  He will be working in a special needs orphanage.  I'm excited for him.  He needs to raise about $1000 more to pay for his mission trip.  If you'd like to help him, I'd really appreciate it.  Steve has always been such a big help in our family.  He's been there to step in when we needed him from a young age and it's taught him alot or responsibility.    He's learned to make decisions and take care of things.  He is the guardian of our children if something were to happen to Jon and I (God forbid!)   So if you've appreciated him all these years, if you can please show it by donating.  The link is

or you can mail a check to him

Steve Clanton 
PO BOX 302
1000 Longfellow Blvd
Lakeland Fl 33801

Thank you so much!!!!!

(And NO I'm not wanting him to become a missionary LOL)

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